Loaded Kanthaka Double Kick Build?

Whats up guys this is my first post here. I’m considering doing a build with a Loaded Kanthaka. I know its not the normal way to go e boards but thats why it interests me. Are there any reasons why this is a terrible idea? I like the idea of having something a little smaller than my boosted board but I’m not how stabile the shorter deck will be.

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You might have to worry about wheel bite if you’re going with 83mm or larger flywheel. Also make sure you’re taking into account the size of your wheelbase when picking your other parts, and if you need to you could consider lengthening the wheelbase, I did it recently for my build and it gave me a lot of space to play with.

Other than that it seems like it’d be pretty cool deck!

@BoostedBully others have done this with good results. Just note that mounting trucks on the kicktails changes the angle so you’ll get steeper angles on your baseplates.

If I use this deck I’d want to keep the tail functional. If I need a longer wheelbase I’ll probably just go for a longer deck.

I decided to go with a Loaded Overland. I will post updates throughout the process!