Loaded Motherboard Esk8 Deck

Loaded has just announced the loaded motherboard deck! Email reads as follows: You’ve got a dirty mind. It’s time to get your hands dirty, as well. The future is electric! The future is you! The future is now! Well, it’s actually n‌ext Tuesday. But we’re giving you a sneak peek right here: O‌n Tuesday, J‌anuary 15th we’ll be launching the limited-editionLoaded Motherboard deck. Designed specifically for the rigors of electric skateboarding, we created the Motherboard to celebrate the growing Do-It-Yourself e-skate community. Whether you’re an experienced e-board builder or just like putting your fingers in electrical sockets, we’re here to help (at least with technical questions—not so much with the psychological stuff). Pick one up, slap some motors and batteries on it, and ride away into the sunset. The only thing we ask is that your post pics of your builds using the hashtag#LoadedMotherboard and share your feedback with us. The Motherboard will be available only in a very limited run and only atloadedboards.com. Additionally, we’re offering it at a discounted rate to help stimulate DIY e-skate and foster creativity. Based on your feedback, this (or some version of this design) may eventually become a standard board in the Loaded lineup. More info to come next T‌uesday. Stay tuned here and/or check out our website and social media next week for more details.

Images: https://i.redd.it/oxb6ioey0v921.jpg

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i am very interested

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Just got an email from loaded newsletter image image image

Seems super interesting


I’ve been saying (on record here and other places) that Loaded are going to be moving into the eBoard scene. I fully expect they will release their own electric skateboard in 2020. They are seeing the growth in this hobby of ours and looking at how they can get in on the action. It started with the Caguama, that has been massively successful for loaded and now this - all the power to them they make awesome shit.

Loaded know how to make a deck, I own two of them and have electrified one (Icarus). Very clever to offer it at a discounted price and ask for feedback from those that know what they are doing (us) with a view to add this to the permanent line up after the feedback.

So the only question is whose going to get one and send it to @Eboosted? :joy:


I hashtagged loadedmotherboard on my insta of my tesseract build hoping to get some more info. Those tesseracts are great boards. I hope they make them long enough…


I wonder what’s different about this deck that makes it “Designed specifically for the rigors of electric skateboarding”

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Stiff, sexy, long wheelbase

Edit… that’s how I like my ladies :rofl:


I can’t find the price, what is it?

Not released until tuesday. Says it will be discounted as they want to encourage take up for feedback

Any guesses? I’ll start $150







I’ll throw in $200. They know us esk8ers throw money at a gust of wind


I’m going between 2 and 250. Also I had some ideas of some cool options for the deck in terms of it being aimed at esk8. I thought maybe it has some groves cut out for running cables through or maybe having some special grip that like the one they showed in the insta pictures.

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Is it too nerdy that I have an autographed Vanguard? (Adam & Adam). I have a pile of Loaded stuff.

Maybe the Boosted thing was a blessing for them, opening new markets.

I’m excited.


My thoughts exactly, Alan needs to get his hands on one ASAP! :rofl: :sunglasses:

I say $275

I do say, I low key want one


Same. Going to have to make some space haha

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Bottom does seem a little odd to seal.

Also, interesting shape for a “designed for the task” esk8 deck…

They’re saying just add batteries electronics and motor. Maybe it comes with an enclosure