Loaded Omakase Build - feedback on hill climb commuter set up

Hi all

After a false start a few years ago planning a DIY build. Im back commuting on a bus and need a final mile weapon.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand and its quite hilly so I need something with torque that can charge up decent hill after decent hill.

I am looking at this as a shopping list. Any comments welcome as keen to get feedback on if this set up would hit the brief. Doesn’t need to be super fast, or have super range but keen to be able to cruise up hills without killing it. Max speed around 40 km/h is heaps and range at least 15km would be nice. Im about 90kgs.

  • Loaded Omakase

  • Caliber ii 184mm trucks (Boardnamics precision hanger on motor mounted rear truck only)

  • Dual 6355 190 kV (not sure from where? Or would a 170kV be better for a set up seeking torque for hills?)

  • Boardnamics caliber ii motor mounts with idler tensioner - mounted on rear truck and facing inward

  • Orangatang 85mm wheels (would prefer 80mm but think that won’t give enough clearance with pulleys?)

  • 15 or 16t motor pulley, 40t wheel pulley - boardnamics (checked on the eskate calc and with a 190 kv motor gives weighted top speed of 42km/h, and at 170 kv would give weighted top speed of 38km/h)

  • Stormcore 60D+ with heat sink through bottom of enclosure

  • 12s2p with Molicel p42a OR 12s3p efest 30ef (any suggestions?)

  • BMS for discharge and charge

  • Bigben enclosure maybe if that’s an option otherwise custom

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