Loaded Poke | Caliber II | Kegels | Turnigy 6374 192KV | Single Drive | 10SP2 Li-ion | VESC

Hi community!

I have been a longboard enthusiast for a few years now and recently I decided to do my first DIY build. It is finally starting to take shape, only waiting on an Enertion VESC. The assembly is yet to start, but it’s getting closer and closer :slight_smile:

I have a sweet Loaded Poke deck along with Caliber II trucks and Orangatang Kegel wheels. I am also building a 10SP2 battery pack using LG HG2 batteries, giving me more than ample range. I have managed to get my hands on an 6374 SK3 192 KV outrunner as well, so raw power shouldn’t be a problem. I am having my motor mount custom made for me at a local shop. Using 16 / 36 pulleys, this beauty will have a top speed high enough to easily make me feel uncomfortable :slight_smile:

As this build progresses I will keep you guys updated! I still use this board as a daily commuter, but can’t wait for the pushing days to be over!


Good looking build! I am running my setup with almost same specs :slight_smile: One thing I have to say about HE2 batteries in 2P…They will work with 10S2P but they do not have great range. About 7km in my usage because they are draining quickly when pulling lot of amps out of them. I suggest going with 3P instead or trying 25r cells instead if you dont have room for 30cells

Or 12s2p would work as the higher the voltage the less amps you need to draw for the same wattage.

Yes, actually it was your build inspiring me to take the Li-ion way :slight_smile: It’s still one of my favourite eskates on this whole forum! I am using LG HG2 cells, which have a slightly larger capacity, will find out if I am happy with them or not. Might eventually end up upgrading them.

I have considered going 12s, but AFAIK the current generation of VESCs is most reliable with 10 cell systems. Correct me if I am wrong. :slight_smile:

chaka vescs can handle 12s without issue, but otherwise i think you’re correct that 10s seems to be ideal for other vescs, just judging from what ive stumbled upon around the forum.

I was pretty sure high current draw is what killed VESCs, but I am not an expert either lol… It is made to handle 12S voltage though as many people have 12S builds without issues.

Chaka VESC is from Vedder like every other, and they all can handle 12S. (except the chinese knockoffs maybe… but enertion, torq, esk8.de, etc… are all fine)

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Thank you for that compliment :grinning: I believe HE2 will be good in 2P configuration if you do not weigh same as me (95kg) and you are easy with the gas. They were not enough for me but I am eager to see what kind of results you will get.

i agree, im sure user error has a lot to do with the vescs frying. Just from browsing around it appears that chakas is the most robust for whatever reason, im sure its embedded somewhere in the premium price.

just ordered up a Poke as well. My planned build is very similar to yours (black calibers, kegels, sk3 192kv) Looking forward to see what you come up with. :grinning:

@donfrigo love this deck! How’s the flex on this deck? Do you think I can mount an Enertion pro3?

Sorry for my late reply, I weigh around 190 lbs and the board doesn’t flex so much. With this being said I still split my battery and vesc into two separate containers and I guess this is the way to go, just to be on the safe side :slight_smile: