Loaded Sama - dual Turnigy SK3 190kv - Kegel 80mm - independant truck co

Hello everyone! I have been browsing this forum for some time now and I thought I’d give it a go myself.

I have a loaded Sama that I would like to motorise using a couple of components I had laying around from previous projects and I would appreciate any feedback or advice.

I am planning on using two Turnigy SK3 63mm 190kv, with Kegel wheels on a Independant truck (200mm). For the wheel drive, the only thing I could get my hands on were two Scramboard motor brackets (ordered few days ago, hope these will fit), an Alien Power wheel pulley for the Kegel wheels and a 15T 5mm pitch motor pulley from amzn.

I plan on using 4×Turnigy 5Ah 3S 20C for maximum range.

Which brings me to the stuff that I think I am missing: *Couple of ESCs: I am based in the UK and I found it really hard to find a good ESC solution at a decent price+shipping. Any advice on this would be highly appreciated! :blush: *Tx/Rx: same as above, do you know any place in the UK Europe supplying compact sized, one handed use, cheap controllers? *Wiring diagram: given that I am a total ignorant when it comes to electronics - any resources with regards to how to plug everything together would be a huge help :hushed: *Anything else missing on this list??

I will keep this thread updated as I progress and I will let you know if this thing ever sees the light or if I end up dropping the ball :wink:


PS: the picture shows how I would like the motors set up. Given the size of the cans I don’t fit these will fit side by side (which is a shame really). I might have to go the Diagonal build route… any thoughts?

How wide is the Hanger , only very wide trucks i know are the Tracker Dart’s which have a hanger of 219mm,…

I have motors for sale here it is 4 euros cheaper than the Turnigy https://eu.electric-skateboard.market/product/190kv-sensored-motor-6354-6374/

I also have controllers for sale https://eu.electric-skateboard.market/product/winning-remote/

And also ESCs https://eu.electric-skateboard.market/product/fvt-6s-120a-esc-sensored/

And because you are going for 190KV you want to go below 10S battery pack

I am also based in the UK so cheap shipping and no import tax

the trucks are Independent 215 Stage 11 Skateboard Trucks - 215mm wide

215 tip to tip ,…the Trackers are 292 tip to tip

Hey Bud. cant wait to see what you can do with the sama. I’m assuming you have read this list of commonly used parts

Cheap esc’s I’m not sure about, I’ve heard the toro esc is a reliable cheap option but I haven’t used it myself. I’m waiting on a hobbywing max 6 to try out next. I’ve used the FVT 120amp. one worked well for a while until it didn’t, the other came factory bricked.

If you do use a vesc, be careful, it’s basically a beta project still, easy to brick if you are unwary. I have one working great, one bricked due to a firmware issue Also not covered by warranty.

Hope those trucks work out for you - good to see someone trying something different.

Right, so I managed to test the motors using a couple of hobbyking boat ESCs (i will think about updating to VESC later) and the electrical part of the build seems well under way (I was so excited testing the throttle and I really cant wait to get this puppy going!!). I also got a couple pulleys (15T motor pulley and 36T for the Kegel wheels). The issue now is that I am really struggling to find the right motor mount. A couple of websites have motor mounts for Caliber/Paris/etc but I have no idea if any would fit the Independent Trucks 215. Any idea which type could work??

Appreciate your help on this guys.


I’m trying to use the same trucks for a build. Alien Drive Systems look the most promising. Paired with a Liquid Attack Black star truck ring adapter, it may work. I will report back after purchasing a set.