Loaded Tesseract | 12s5p VTC6 | Dual TB VESC and Maytech 6355 170kv

Hi everyone,

I had a very simple and very plug and play build running LiPos, but decided to revamp it, so here’s the rundown my first proper/updated build.

The bits (I have probably forgotten a couple of things here): Deck - Loaded Tesseract Battery Pack - 12s5p with Sony VTC6 18650s BMS - Supower/Batterysupports 12s 30A BMS (using this for charge only, so ordered a lower discharge current rating). Enclosure - Psychotiller’s Knuckles enclosure Trucks - Psychotiller’s Ripba Dual 200mm Truck set (using half inch risers) Motors - 2xMaytech 6355s from Psychotiller (using 12mm 16T 5mm HTD motor pulley) Vedder Anti-Spark Switch from Psychotiller ESC - 2xTorqueboards VESC Wheels - ABEC11 97mm flywheels (with 36T wheel pulley from torqueboards). Transmitter/receiver - GT2B with two corresponding receivers (using two receivers rather than CAN bus, one per VESC)

Pics of the progress so far…

Board with mounts/motors:

Doggo hates it, she can remember the sound the Evolve GTX makes.

Battery pack construction

Parallel pack spot welded:

All connected up (lots of nickel strips stacked up on the series connections that go length-ways along the pack):

Did some insulating then folded the pack out:

All wrapped up:

I’ve connected up the BMS and an XT90 off the battery pack and it is on its first charge as I write this, no pics of that yet. All that’s left now is attach the bits to the deck and attach the enclosure. Big thanks to @psychotiller for answering many questions about the build!

Edit: Had a little hassle when ordering stuff for the battery pack. Watch out for fake batteries, I got a fake bunch of HG2s from ebay (local seller in Australia and luckily they refunded quickly). Did some searching and found people on vaping forums recommending the seller Supersports600 (in Australia) who seems to do much more testing to weed out fakes. I ended up ordering my VTC6s from them and everything was good! Based on my experience, I’d recommend chatting to them if you’re looking to order in Australia!


Any pics of the final build?

What kind of insulation do you have between the two batteries? The middle row looks really close

Great job! Let me know if you needed anything else!

Nothing is attached to the board just yet, I’ll hopefully drill and stick things to the deck tomorrow night, I’ll get some pics as I go!

I did some extra polyamide tape, followed by some electrical tape. Added a layer of the little gaskets I used on the positive terminals and folded it open. I think it’s enough, I did press it together after folding so there’s a decent gap but yea it is a small gap. I also did some more gluing and taping after folding to try to make it a bit more rigid to reduce any movement that might wear the insulation.

Thanks mate! And No worries, will do :slight_smile:

That battery looks really nice awesome job

lookin’ good.

how’s the wheel clearance?

If I remember I’ll measure the clearance to the enclosure later, I have put half inch risers on and with 97mm wheels it should be reasonable. The deck is also pretty rigid, so that will help. It should have better clearance than my evolve gtx, which I’ve bottomed out few times, in part due to the deck flex.

Grabbed a couple of pics:

Measured wheel clearance in direction of travel toward the flare and got about 70 mm (not a very accurate measurement, but gives some idea):


Here are a couple of pics of the completed board (I’ve since added a couple more screws to the enclosure), and one of FET failure.

FET failure happened while the board only just moving as I stood back onto it after a break. I had stopped riding for a few minutes, as I was about to get going again just getting back onto the board (had not yet used the remote), I heard a crackling noise from the board, and I turned it off straight away. I had to get picked up, since one motor was braking, so I couldn’t just kick the board home (I suspected an ESC had gone and was shorting two of the motor leads somehow). When I opened it up later, it was evident one of the FETs had blown.

Bit strange with the timing of the failure, it had been ridden fairly hard previously on the same day (testing out the acceleration/speed etc), but the riding for a good while before I stopped had been light/cruising, I had then stopped for a while and it happened while the board was barely moving as I went to stand back on it (no load from the remote, I had just stood on the board, so any motion as I got on it would generated a little current from the motor back to the VESC). I have ordered a couple of ollin escs a while back but haven’t heard anything yet so I don’t think they’re on their way yet, but I’m sure I’ll get them eventually, looking forward to having direct FETs! I passed up the recent FOCBOX deal knowing I had other good VESCs ordered, kinda wish I’d grabbed a couple now, so that I could have something in the meantime.


That enclosure looks almost exactly like one I had made, did you make that your self?

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I grabbed it from @psychotiller (the knuckles enclosure). Was just right for my stacked battery pack!

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Great build working on a similiar one, just tested some hg2’s from australian ebay seller with 99.9% positive feedback their capacity topped out at 2550mah. Out of desperation more than anything i spotted some 4ah battery packs at aldi for $22 i grabbed 6 that gave me 60 samsung 2000mah cells these will do while i sort out my ebay refund. Going to grab that enclosure

Yea, the one I originally bought from was highly rated at the time, I see they’ve dropped to 99.8% now though. Won’t name names on the negative side here. Sorry to hear you got bitten too, but good that you’ve found a short term fix.

But on the positive side… Once I got the refund, I bought from supersports600, sent him a message on ebay and he did me a better deal as I was buying a bit of bulk. Maybe there are cheaper genuine ones around, but I just didn’t want the hassle/uncertainty, and the price was still reasonable.

Minor update on the build:

  • Now have 2xFOCBOX for the VESC, because I blew a FET on the torqueboards ones. I had settings within specs, but I had been riding it hard on and off. It blew as I stood back on the board after it had been resting for about 5 minutes, which seemed a bit weird, I might have been holding the brake on as I got on, can’t really remember. In order to connect to the existing motors I just changed the motor-side connectors out on the FOCBOX to the same size bullets the motors were (for anyone considering, apparently doing this voids warranty).

  • I got an anti-spark switch from antisparkheaven, I got the biggest one at the time, it looks like he has upgraded the product since then to handle current even better. The current I was wanting to run was too high for the old anti-spark, so I swapped in the antisparkheaven one when I put in the FOCBOXs.

Where did you get your bms?

Also! Do u have pics of how u connected the switch?

VTC6 are one of the best cells (despite VTC5A) but have higher density of energy:)

It was just from ebay, here’s a pic! It’s wired only for charge, not discharge, so I didn’t need higher amp. SmartSelect_20181121-193242_Gmail

No, sorry. Might be able to take one as I just blew a focbox last weekend! 20181118_194927

:flushed::flushed: how did this happen ?