Loaded Tesseract with Carvon V3's and Ollin VESC's

Oh man!!! For those of you who were smart enough to get in on the V3 groupbuy. You are going to be STOKED!!! We just had the pleasure of hanging out with Carvon Jerry @mccloed and @DaviDjembe the last couple of days in my shop. This is what we built:

Loaded Tesseract cantilated Dual Ollin VESC’s Dual Carvon precision V3’s/ Psycho 273 RKP Custom Chiboards 12s4p battery Custom Flagship enclosure Abec 11 90mm New Maytech Hi/Lo Thumb controller

All I can say is I’m pissed that I’m crippled right now…This is the nicest build to roll out of my shop yet. I’m going to clone this build. 100’s!!!


I’m freakin grateful for @psychotiller, @mccloed and Jerry @ Carvon for hooking me up with one of the best boards out there!! Psychotiller made the enclosure (just before his surgery), Mccloed did all the wiring, soldering and fine tuning and Jerry of course, provided the prototype V3s. @chaka got me my VESCs and they worked perfectly and finally, @barajabali made the double decker, custom 12s4p battery for me. Everything came together flawlessly :sunglasses:

Without all of you, this amazing board would just be another “great idea”. Thanks again for making this beast a reality!! :metal:. Expect updates when I get riding later this week… Just as soon as the battery is charged lol :joy:


Wow just stupid awesome, so mad I didn’t get to this scene last year haha