Loaded Truncated Tesseract, calibers, Popocas ,6355s ,Focbox, 5x 2s Graphene lipos(10s) ,Custom fibreglass enclosure

So just built up my next board after my Landyachtz 9two5 was unceremoniously bought from me by a friend. I got the Truncated tesseract from ebay and had the rest of the parts laying about from stockpiling stuff without a plan…

First stop was to check space. All seemed ok. Took it out for a cruise with to see what all the fuss was about with the wheels. They are really nice. Comparable to the abec 11s on my last build. So I made a plug for the enclosure and fitted it to the deck that would be good for this configuration but also with a bit of space for a triangular Li-on pack. I covered the deck with tape so some of the relief of the deck would show through on the flange but the mould would still release. The mould came off well and I layered up an enclosure. The enclosure came out pretty well and after trimming I tried it for shape on the deck. The contour was pretty good. Then I filled the enclosure with goodies. After setting ups the vescs I used the wooden inserts and button heads to fix the enclosure to the deck with the foam rubber seal. Took it out for a spin and it was very lively and quick. The 90mm wheels couples with the 15 32 ratio (APS drivers). The super soft loose bushings took me surprise on a speed run and it chucked me off… Helme, gloves and leather jacket bore the brunt but feel a little sore this morning. (I aint getting any younger) All in all its a little belter, very portable with plenty of grunt. Not had the chance to get it out again as true to form the weather has been complete arse all day. Here are some finished pictures…


Dude that looks great! So the tessaract doesn’t have a kicktail?

Thanks. This is the truncated tesseract. No kicktail.

Such a beautiful build!!!


Thanks, that means a lot. The battery configuration is obviously down to you! Thanks for all your guidance.


I’m digging that deck, where did you get it from?

From ebay second hand. They’re still sold new though.Try a google search for Loaded Truncated Tesseract.

Really nice build, congratulations. Looks neat and tidy, love the cable management as well. Not a big fan of LIPOs but I bet they do the job just fine.

How was the transition from double kingpin trucks on your old board to normal ones? :slight_smile:

Not had the chance to ride it much. I had an “incident” on the first ride… totally my fault for not setting up the trucks. The roads look like they’re drying up now so might get out later.

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some board loveit them popoca awwwwwwww

How do you like the ride of this?

I don’t see enough of this deck on builds


It was a nice little board. Nice locked in feeling. I built another after on a cut down Cantelated Tesseract but made a slimmer enclosure. Fairly short for me at 6’6"


They’re pretty expensive decks I guess could go some way to explaining.


Thanks! Big Ben!

Those wheels are really nice. They have been a great discounted price too.

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