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I am getting ready to begin my first esk8 build. Before I begin purchasing components, I would like to have everyone’s opinion on how I should set my board up. I want use the truncated tesseract because it is damn sexy. Because of the price difference between lipo and lion batteries , I am planning on using a 12s lipo at around 5,000-7,500 mah. Okp used a tacon motor with his build which came out beautifully, But I also love the idea of the hub motors. If I buy a motor, I want it to last for as long as possible ( I don’t want to fall into the false economy). Do hub motors have the same longevity of belt drive systems? I live in CT which is somewhat hilly, but nothing extreme like san francisco. I weigh about 170lbs. With the cost of the belt drive components, motor, and trucks it seems that the hub is about the same price of a belt drive system. At this point I can only afford to do a single motor setup. What really made me consider doing a hub motor was @Namasaki 's videos of his carvon setup. I also like the range and simplicity of this build http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/meb-electric-vanguard-loaded-vanguard-carvon-v2-single-hub-motor-6s-flier-esc/2952 I aspire to have a setup that can do 10+ miles and have a top speed of 30ish. What does everyone think of the carvon v2? Is it worth it, or suitable for my build? And what happens when you need to replace your wheels with the hub motor? I don’t see any replacements on the Carvon website. Thanks for any imput everyone.


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Check this: Credit @evoheyax


Also check @paragon he may have some Carvons for sale still

Thanks you for the info and link @Michaelinvegas
I did read through that thread previously. And I think I will be buying the deck first, and slowly building it up from there as I get more money. @willpark16 I want to keep this build under 600 usd after the deck. So about $800 all in all.

Carvon does sell replacement wheels and their customer service and support is outstanding with quick turnaround times.

Hubs are Great!! Almost no resistance when skating off power. 12S is going to give you a top speed way higher than 30mph as well as great range. Not too sure how they will preform on hills but I’ll be making a video soon on 6S hubs vs 6S belt drive going up a parking garage… Closest thing to a hill I got in Miami :unamused:

Thanks everyone for the input! @oriol360 That is what I am worried about. If I find that it isn’t enough torque, will it be possible to add an additional motor?

Big Update I have recieved my Truncated Tesseract:


And I have recieved my GT2B:

And I convinced a friend to print me a Mad Monkey Enclosure. It seems a little thin on the edges, so Ill probably lather it up with some good ole’ jb weld after I test fit the electronics, and sand it down.


Sweet mad :yum: munkey :monkey_face: enclosure. Love :heart: the :+1: board.

I ruined my mad monkey when I crashed yesterday :confused:

Last for today:

What I was most excited for… My Carvon V2 Single Hub with Abec 11 Flywheels! They are absolutely beautiful. Jerry at Carvon was also super helpful and quick to answer any of my questions.

But I have one concern. I notice a type of notchiness with the motor that is not consistent when spinning the motor, like maybe something magnetic got in the poles/stator/winding and is binding it up at certain points. Maybe @LEVer can shed some light on this? If something is messed up with the motor, then I would like to take care of it asap so that I can have everything all ready to go for when my Vesc comes in. I have a lot of experience with brushless motors (I work at a hobby shop on the weekends) and I have never had this type of experience on a new motor. Maybe I am being paranoid? :scream:


Well… I hope I don’t crash :fearful:

That :mask: sucks. Now you need :yum: a replacement.

We :yum: all crash. :ok_hand:

Thank you, I cant wait to ride it!

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Does the motor click or stutter when you rotate it? I believe that is normal for hub motors but if you could post a video of what you mean, that would be great. Good progress btw!

PS: Recieved :heavy_multiplication_x: Received :heavy_check_mark:

Imagine dragging a bolt against a strong stationary magnet, It feels and sounds like that. Ill try and post a video soon.

So I need to decide what 18650 to use in my 12s4p build. LG HE4 or LG HG2? What do you guys think, is the extra 500mah worth the extra money?