Loaded Truncated Tesseract Dual Maytech 6355 Unikboards dual motor kit

Hi Everybody,

My name is Lukas and i will start my build :

I have currently

1 Loaded Tesseract truncated 2 Caliber trucks and 4 orangatang kegel wheels 1 New dual Unikboards motor kit 2 Maytech motor 6355 1 Maytech transmitter I’ve made 10s3p battery with okp tutorial on esk8.fr and 2 vesc buy on esk8.de

I will post soon all pics of my project !


Hello everybody

I received my order unikboards, the mounts is incredibly strong.

My tesseract truncated :

Bearing driver system by Unikboards

Stronger mount

6355 motors by Maytech


Are those wheel pulleys just the Evolve ones?

@Airmacx: It’s unikboards pulleys 15 mm

Ah cool, didn’t see it in the original post, must’ve scrolled past it.



Today, I shortened my Caliber truck (26 mm) to install my new unikboards dual mount system on my tesseract.

I perforated Kegel wheels with 6mm wick to install bearing driver.


Does the motor fit your setup?

more pics?

mount is too close to the board, youll need risers or maybe you used 44s instead of 50s caliber? thats the big downside of these kind of mounts and its why i dont like them. no flexibility at all and no real advantage to counter that downside. less parts? doesnt work for me :confused:

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Agree, that’s why I designed my own mount, although the CNC machining cost was not cheap

well the unikboard dual motor holder costs 260€ on its own :astonished:

say what !!!

Not even kidding: http://unikboards.com/shop-product-list/support-dual-moteur-mount-caliber/

Seriously wondering who buys stuff like that. I mean it looks amazing - but lack of flexibility and price is just a no.

nice choice of deck though - love seeing other trunced tesser builds

I own a unikboard motor mount too. Main advantage: just put the screw, et voilà ! No need epoxy glue, tricks to let the mount in place … It’s light, quality made , and design by a guy who knows esk8 (OKP :slight_smile:) For this mount it is mandatory to use a minimum 5 mm riser. True the price is too hight … hope in the future they could produce more, so they can drop the price

hello !

I have not had too much time to pursue my building (too much side work), but I got an old jetspud and i think that i change the tesseract for this. The unikboards mount is perfect maybe expensive but very good quality and the flexibility is not a problem, it’s perfect ! I think to finish the build next week !

What makes you want to get rid of the tesseract?