Loaded Vanguard 42" Flex 1. Just add your own enclosure and electronics. Australia only

Hello, I have a Loaded Vanguard 42" with various accessories for sale at $300 AUD with shipping included into the price. Australia only.

  • Unused Loaded Vanguard 42" flex one

  • Unused B-Bar with 7 Position Mil-Std-1913 rail for Picatinny and Weaver accessories

  • Unused Flatland bash guard and 1 mm shock absorbers. Forked at the front and rounded at the back

  • Used Flywheel 97 mm

  • Used Tekton Ceramic bearings

  • Unused Unikboard Pulleys for Flywheel

  • Unused Unikboard Motor Mounts

  • Two unused 184 mm Caliber trucks

Pictures of products

Forked flatland bash guard and shock absorber at the front end Front%20Flatland%20Bumper%20and%20Nose%20Guard

Rounded flatland bash guard for standing up your board on it and shock absorber at the rear end Rear%20Flatland%20Bumper%20and%20Nose%20Guard

B-Bar with 7 Position Mil-Std-1913 rail for Picatinny and Weaver accessories B-Bar%20with%20Picatinny-Weaver%20Rail

B-Bar covering the side edge of the nose, but bash guard sticks out enough to protect it B-Bar%20covering%20nose%20edge

The whole board. Both top and bottom Complete%20board Complete%20board%20bottom


Hey mate, very interested. Just a bit apprehensive about the Flex 1 deck. How do you find it?

I’m not sure what you mean by “how do I find it?”

Most flex one goes for about $220 with out any of the other accessories. I can however throw in another board - Powell Peralta Kevin Reimer Samurai Skateboard at no extra cost or if you prefer, the Bustin Ibach X series.

I was referring to how you found the flex - stiff or still nice despite being the firmest end of the scale.

Actually don’t worry about it. I’m pretty convinced. If you’re happy to throw in the Powell board it’s a deal. Im brand new to this forum so have no idea how to direct message. Any chance you could send me a message so we can get the payment going.

I weight 92 kgs naked. It still has some flex but not to the point of being floppy if that makes sense. (Was just testing it via standing and doing slight bounce, as the board is still unused)

I was new to the scene and thought I knew what I wanted via reading only, but after some experience and better understanding of what exactly I needed, what I was looking for gradually changed and also there were new items entering the market such as Trampa board’s Gummies and SuperFly which obviously would mean problems with wheel bite, hence the reason I have a couple of boards that I’m not using.

I will reply to your message and we can take from there on :slight_smile:

um, on amazon…

i’d post this on forum. cause all the regulars, what i used to be till i got banned, have went there. you also would probs get more responses.

It has been sold. Why were you banned?

And ARCBR was not asking where to find the board :rofl: