Loaded vanguard and pneumatic wheels in the snow

So I have a loaded vanguard flex 2 deck (same as boosted v2) and I have had some issues riding my board in the snow here in Minnesota. I usually ride on the road but I’m just using ABEC11 flywheels so any kind of ice or snow just makes the board slide. What I’m planning on doing is getting wider trucks (TorqueBoards 218mm) and setting it up so I can swap from urethane wheels for the summer to pneumatic tires for the winter to climb over the insane amount of snow we get here, similar to what evolve does. Is this possible? I’ve heard people say the vanguard deck is crap for all terrain, but I need to be able to get through the snow somehow. If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

So I did some digging and I found this: https://puu.sh/B5GXl/a4c6bad4a5.jpg

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Ive never ridden a vanguard but I would suggest you go with the 42” and flex 1 if you’re set on it. It’s inherently flexy as its a carver platform so using it to go fast or over rough terrain would require getting it as stiff as possible but thats my 2 cents


for the trucks on the picture you also need angel riser. those are 35% trucks.

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Yeah I mean if I have to get a new deck I’ll just get one designed for mountainboarding, I just wanted to know if it’s possible. I’m not necessarily gonna be going all out on it I just need to get through the snow.

I guess if we’re talking about getting a new deck, do you know any mountain board decks that aren’t too pricy? Like maybe $100 max?