Loaded Vanguard board with Torque board motor and vesc

im selling my home built electric board i have about 850 into this board specs bellow board has been super reliable i have it geared for about 22 mph but you could change that i like the efficiency i usually get between 10 to 15 miles out of a charge depends on how you ride it Deck Loaded Vanguard -175.00 Trucks and motor mount combo - 199.00 Motor 6355 190kv -75.00 Vesc - 100.00 Receiver and remote gt2b - 45.00 Batteries 2x 5200ma- 60.00 Seismic Tekton Black Ball Ceramic Bearings - 75.00 Wheels - 109.99 Misc stuff - 25.00

Charger? Would you take $400… otherwise your going to get more parting it out

ya i can include a charger i cannot do 400 though sorry and im not ready to part out yet thx though

If you part out, I’ll take the wheels!

You should part out, doubt someone will buy the batts but everything else will sell. I’d buy the deck

how much you wanna pay for the deck

how much you wanna pay for the wheels do you want the bearings too ?

I’d buy the vesc for $60, deck for $50, wheels for $70, remote for $10, motor mount for $20, wheel pulley and belts $20. Don’t really need the trucks. Really want the vesc and motor mount parts

id buy the motor,trucks (are they calibre 2 50 or 44 degrees?) and motor mount without the wheel pulleys,

@Greenman368 I’m interested on both enclosure? Are they for sale? Thank you

Lol @ a basically mint vanguard for $50…


Some people Lol

Heck If its not sold $600 for the whole thing.

Yeah I’ll easily pay 650 for it.

Hello, can you send it to Greece for 100€ including shipping?

You serious?

Why not? Another one above, offered 60$ for it!

People are offering 400, 650… don’t know where you saw 60.

My bad…I ment to ask for the vesc only, thanks for the correction, cheers.

What would you sell it for whole. My neighbor is interested in a pre done diy build