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Loaded Vanguard Build | Dual Drive 190kv Motor | 12s 4x3S Lipo | FIRST BUILD... Am i doing it right?

So i have decided to create my own build… Here we go…

After some research (and still more to do) i have a foundation of parts that i will need in order to make my desired build. First we will start with the board.

My plan is to make a Black and Gold theme build using the Loaded Vanguard board. What i have already purchased:

x1 Loaded Vanguard 8.5" x 42" Flex 3 Deck

With the board i am planning on making a similar style to the boosted board with the battery pack on one side and the rest of the electrical items on the other side. But before i get into this, i am planning on painting/spray painting the bottom of the board a matte black colour to fit in with them theme. I will also add a black grip tape on top of the board.

x1 Paris Longboard Trucks V2 180mm 50 Matte Black

Orangatang Kegel 80mm Longboard Wheels - Purple

With the wheels I am planning on dyeing them black and maybe painting the green to gold, but i still haven’t figured out how i am going to do this and/or if its possible. (If you guys have any knowledge in this or can point me in the right direction please do.)

I have also order the fittings such as bearings, bolts etc.

That concludes it for the board parts.

Now moving on to the electrical side of the board. Starting with the motor mount. For the motor mount i plan on getting the “Alien Drive Systems Electric longboard DIY kit 63mm motor” which comes with the following;

32T-HTD5 HUB DRIVE PULLEY 15T-HTD5 motor pulley, 10mm bore, 3mm keyway 265mm-HTD5 9mm belt 3mm x15mm keyway Mounting screws

This motor mount has a range of different truck ring adapters and wheel hub drive adapters which i have matched with my setup. (Paris V2 Truck Ring Adapter, Orangutang Kegal Wheel Hub Drive). The gear set for this mount is 15T/32T but i will play around with a 14T/32T gear settings to see what i find more comfortable.

I will be ordering 2 of these as i am going for a dual rear drive setup.


Now as for the Motor i will be going for x2 6355 Outrunner Brushless Motor 190KV 2400W also from the alien power system website. I have noticed a lot of people are using the Enertion 190Kv motor and was wondering if that one would be better than the Alien one, or are they the same?

Now here is where it gets a little complicated. As my longboard is a Loaded Vanguard, it has a lot of flex to the board to placing batteries in the middle of the board is not ideal and as i am going for a boosted look i will like to have them at the end near the front trucks. The battery pack i have been looking at for now is a “Turnigy 5000mAh 3S 20C Lipo Pack” with a Four lipo 3S 20C in series to make a total of 12s 4x3s.


They are small and can be compacted at the end of the board but i am not 100% sold on them. Do you guys think i need 12s to power my board or is 10s enough. I was thinking of maybe getting a S.P.A.C.E cell but i feel it would be too big for my board and may break due to the flexible board.

If you guys have any other Battery alternatives, maybe better ones please let me know. I also need to research on how to set them up and install them properly on the board and what accessories i need for like a power switch, watt meter, charger etc.

Any further information on batteries would be appreciated.

Now for the ESC, i am planning on getting x2 VESCs for each motor but i am stuck on which one to get. I am not too sure what ones are best, i have looked around and the most common seem to be Enertion, Chaka and diyelectricskateboard BUT i am still deciding on which one to get.

I also have seen this on the internet but am not sure if it is good or not and i haven’t heard much about it on the forums…

It is a cheeper alternative but i am not sure how good they are. If anyone could help me out with this i’d greatly appreciate it.

So far thats what i have for the board. for the enclosures i will figure it out as i progress with the board and get the technical side done. I will/may make some or maybe buy some online as i have found some nice ABS enclosures.

As for remote control i am still doing further research.

If i have anything missing or anything is incompatible please let me know this is the point where i am at so far.

now… off to do more research. (I will get you guys updated on on the board status as i progress if you are interested.)


I am now going to go with a 15T/36T gear selection and a 10s2p battery pack. (x2 5s LiPo batteries)

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Here is a speed calculation with this current build;

You can find this exact calculator here:

I think 10S would be fine for this board. Sounds like you have got most of it sorted. There are quite a few bad reviews on Alien escs but I don’t know about their motors.

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Go with Ollin, Enertion or DIY for the VESC. Usually cheaper VESCS don’t have the real parts + you support the community if you buy from one of the vendors above.


thanks for the reply, i will look further into them and do some more research.

what are the pros and cons from downgrading from a 12s to a 10 for this build?

12s is more efficient. 10s would still get you enough speed. Unless you are a speed seeking freak :joy:

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when it comes to distance and going up hills a higher battery is better? and i know a better gear selection would help with going up hills to increase torque or am i completely off and have been looking at the wrong things? haha

Higher battery is better. Yes, different gearing can change more torque + less speed or the other way around.

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okay thought so, one last question… with my gear selection, will i be able to go up hills without too much stress on the electrics or should i change the gear selection? the hills in my area range from 10% to 40% hill grade and go on for a few 100 metres. Will this build be able to take on most of these hills?

I honestly have no idea about the gearing selection. @whitepony has used a few different gearing configs.

With the wheels, if you want a black wheel and gold theme, you’d be better off getting something like Evolves flywheel clones.

They’re not exactly gold in the middle, but I don’t think spray painting your wheels is a bright idea.

I’ve seen a few dye tutorials that looked pretty good but i will have to do further research. if all else fails i will go for those… thanks

@torqueboards sells black wheels with matching gearing sets. I use 36t-16t on 230kv @12s.

Im using 36T wheel pulleys to make it less insane and to allow larger motor pulleys = less slip (but I can see that 32T is cool too - brings the belt further away from the road). on my tesseract I fiddled a lot with gearing because I felt the single 6355 was working a little bit too hard - wide gearing can have the opposite effect: you might actually be slower than anticipated, cause the vesc overheats and reduces power. hills with 20%+ on a single motor -> probably no chance. :no_mouth:

anyway, my tesseract gearing was 15/36T in the end and that worked out well for 190KV motor and 90mm wheels on 10S in arenas with max 10% hills. with 12S you could potentially go 14/36, but make sure that you at least buy the 15mm conversion kit from alien.

p.s.: the vanguard flex 3 isnt 42", its only 38"! just saying incase you work with powerpoint/keynote on an enclosure layout and scaled the picture with 42" in your head.

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im not sure the 15mm conversion kit would fit on the board with 180mm trucks and a 6355 dual motor setup.

oh, i was scanning your post for dual or single and didnt find it. but its in the topic name of course :joy:

well yea, forget what I wrote - with duals the gearing wont matter much at all! just choose your desired topspeed and go for it!

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ahh okay haha thanks

Can you link the batteries you are using and the configuration. Maybe some photos?

This is now for sale for parts if anyone is interested

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