Loaded Vanguard, Caliber II 44, Custom 10S4P, 3D printed Enclosure, ABEC 11 97mm 75A

I’d like to turn the board on/off from the remote, maybe to turn it on as soon as the remote is turned on and visceversa.

Is there anyway to accomplish that?

Another doubt is I’m not sure if I should go with the 6355 192kv 3250W or the 6374 190kv 2500W motors

I’m using a single 6374, along with a lot of other people. I think two of those is more than enough… don’t really need the 6355’s.

I’d like to turn the board on/off from the remote, maybe to turn it on as soon as the remote is turned on and visceversa.

Turning the board off with the remote could be possible, but probably requires some programming. If you want to turn in on with the remote you will need constant power on the ESC otherwise it cannot receive the ‘turn on’ signal. So that will be difficult to accomplish, unless you install another receiver that is connected to a power switch…


I opted for a dual 6354 motors on 10S4P 38V battery setup with 15/36T pulley set, pleny of preople are runing that setup at the moment

10s pack’s nominal voltage is 36V and charged to 42V @Eboosted

At last I got 95% of the parts, starting today with the build


Looking forward to seeing the progress! Again, since my build is almost identical to your build.

Differences are basically just that I’m waiting a little while for DIY to come out with their wider Caliber-style trucks and I might try to make the enclosures out of carbon fiber.

I should be getting the 3D print enclosure for the VESCs on Monday, hopefully I’ll get the battery on Thursday. The only problem is I’ll be getting the remote in 20 days =) what a bummer…

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Can you give us more info on those wider trucks?

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Well ever since I’ve been an owner of a Bamboo GT, I’ve felt like extra wide trucks are the standard for an e-board considering the speeds you often reach. It just feels right to have a more stable, wider wheelbase.

So anyway, I’ve messaged Dexter at Torqueboards occasionally over the past few months and he’s often mentioned Caliber-style 220mm trucks among other things he’s working on. This is what he commented on here on October 26: “I’m actually working on 220mm Caliber Style Trucks. Hopefully, in a 1-1.5 months they should be available.”

Of course he’s been very busy lately, but it’s probably safe to say it’s on the horizon right now. It probably won’t hurt to use regular 180mm trucks right now and then swap later if the 220mm trucks interest you. I’m just patient and content with my Bamboo GT until the market and innovations I’m waiting for can catch up. I want to use dual 15mm belts which the space of the wider trucks can help accommodate. I was also considering a dual rear 6374 setup before since the 220mm trucks can fit it, but that just seemed like overkill the more I thought about it.

We seem to have the same tastes for e-boards, as I also have a Bamboo GT and I’m building a Vanguard exactly as you, I’m pretty confident the build we are doing at the moment will outperform the Bamboo GT in all aspects.

The 6355s in dial setup and 20S are no joke, but I have yet to test them in real world, can’t wait no more for my remaining parts to arrive

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I know the Vanguard isn’t meant to be a high speed board but I’d like to add as much stabilitity as I can in order to avoid speed woobles.

Would you guys recomend Venom DH double barrels 90a bushings?

Is 45km/hr (28MPH) achivable on this board?

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Haha yeah, it sounds like we’re on the same boat. I had a Dual+ for about 8 months until I sold it in anticipation of the Bamboo GT. I really miss the feel of that board as much as I like certain aspects of the GT.

So I figure why not put them together taking good parts of each board? The only thing I really wish was possible was being able to use the Boosted remote. Even after months with the Evolve remote, I still hate it and miss the Boosted remote and being able to have a deadman switch+thumb control. Also, I’m pretty sure I’ll be waiting for the VESC 6 for my build/the VESC 6 will be out by the time I really begin. I just hope it isn’t too much more expensive than the VESC 4.12.

On the Loaded website it does have the Vanguard listed at being able to take speeds up to 25mph. I honestly don’t think I would want to go past that though, just in general and especially not on a Vanguard. If I want a 30+mph board I think I would just make a separate, dedicated board with a stiff deck built around the objective of going fast. The vanguard board will just be a great daily driver capped at 25mph to me.

25MPH is plenty for any board and more than enough for me, but I wonder how safe would I feel on the Vanguard at 25MPH, I’ve ridden the Evolve Bamboo GT at 27MPH and it feels ok but not safe but all means.

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I just got my VESCs enclosure, it wasn’t the best print job as the printer was small and it had to be splitted in 4 parts, I might polish it a little bit and paint it black, if it doesn’t look ok, I’ll find a new print service


That looks really nice. Only my suggestion would be reinforcing it either inside or outside with CF/GF/resin before polishing.

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Thanks for your recommendation @MasterCho, I might give it a rugged matte finish to hide the imperfections after I sand it.

I’m getting my battery tonight that was the only part I had left to finish my build, however there is still one more part left, it’s the remote controller, so I won’t be able to even test the board. This really kills me.

I’m wondering if it’d be possible to borrow the remote and receiver and from my Evolve Bamboo GT in order to use the built board until I get the Mini remote next month.

I got the same design casing with you in black color. You gonna paint it?


Your enclosure looks bigger than mine, did you use any a thick gasket of rubber seal between the enclosure and board?

I’m really happy I just got my battery pack today:

Hope it fits the 3D printed enclosure: