Loaded Vanguard deck looks bad

Hi guys,

Three years ago I built my own electric longboard with a “Loaded Vanguard” desk. After many hardware upgrades, the desk looks very bad on the downside. I don´t want to buy a new desk, because they´re so expensive.

I thought I could grind the wood a little bit and oil it. Does anyone has experience with my problem or any suggestions?

Is it even possible to do this? Because I think the Loaded desk has a kind of fiberglass inside…

Thank you,

Jkobi :grin:

Decks. You wrote desk, which is a very,very different thing. I ride a desk all day at work, trust me, its not as fun as riding a deck.


My desk is pretty beaten up as well, i got rid of it and build a new workbench with cheap lumber.

On a side note, i had no idea loaded made furniture. Anyone want a group buy on a loaded nightstand?

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I got on this thread cause I honestly thought someone used a loaded vanguard as a desk.


Dont use any grip tape on your desk otherwise your paper will tear.


Damn I wanted to hear about them desk upgrades…

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Haha just help the poor thing

Lol same, very disappointed


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Looks slippery

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Sand it down and remove the previous clear coat, and then spray a new coat over it after sanding it to about 300~400 grit


Same here, same here :grinning:

Can you please share some photos

come on now all you englis speaking naturals.

te letter between g and I does not work on my keeb for all tat don’t know and I am loving it.

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