Loaded Vanguard Durability (4 years old)

I’m looking at buying a 4 year old Loaded Vanguard Flex 5 is pretty great condition. I’m 120 pounds and only expect to get to 140 ever so I think its weight range of 80-140 should work for me.

Would it have any issues being converted to an electric board considering it’s age? It’s a good local deal.

As long as you don’t see any cracks or delaminating you’re good to go. Loaded makes high quality decks that are built to last. I have decks that are decades old that still ride just fine.

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my first longboard was a loaded vanguard. i got it about 8 years ago and so far it has survived everything i threw at it, including rides in heavy rain. in fact, i still have it today and it’s still one of my favorite boards. nose and tail look a little bit beaten up, you can barely see the graphic anymore (does anyone remember the old graphic with the birds? :heart_eyes:) and i had to replace the grip tape, but apart from these cosmetic disadvantages the deck is still rock solid.

keep in mind, however, that flex 5 is reaaally soft. it might be ok for now but later you might have to add a layer of fiberglass or two to stiffen things up a bit. a flexy deck is fun for cruising around but as soon as you go faster, you want to have a stiffer deck for more control and a better response. and it definitely requires a split enclosure design.

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@Jaydan thanks for the response! I’m worried about the flex 5 as well. I know people who are 200 pounds can ride a flex 3 (boosted board) with no problems, so I was hoping flex 5 would work considering I’m only 120 lbs.

What flex is your loaded vanguard? What would you say the max speed is on the super flexy deck?

Thanks again

my vanguard is flex 2 but it’s not motorized (too flexy and no kicktail). i don’t know how the flex compares to flex 5. personally speaking, i like to cruise around up to 15mph. above that speed, it starts to feel weird and a little bit scary, more like the board is riding with you and not you with the board. nevertheless, i have taken it down some serious hills and am still alive.

if you have the chance then test the board and see if you like it. it’s really a personal choice. if you feel comfortable at higher speeds with the flex 5, then there is no reason not to buy it.

the decision is yours and i don’t want to talk you into anything that you don’t really want, but if you realize that the vanguard is not suitable as an esk8, it is still a very good deck for a regular longboard.

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I’ve never ridden any skateboard so I’m thinking 15 mph will feel very fast no matter the board hahaha. I can get it pretty cheap, so you’re right. I could always grab another longboard for an esk8 and keep the vanguard as a regular longboard.

in that case you know the answer to your question :wink: glad that i could help. of course you should still check for any damages as @Mrmoonlight pointed out…

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the vanguard lasts really long, got probably 4-5000km on mine and flex is like day 1!

dont get scared by the myth vanguard isnt stable at speed. i ride it with ronins often at 50kph and its super stable, Im even still carving at that speed and flex 2 is even the softer version. really love the larger vanguard, perfect board! :heart_eyes:


just a heads up, 15mph only feels fast for maybe the first week.

Flex 5 is like spaghetti. REALLY different from flex 2. You can easily bottom it out slightly jumping up and down on it.Lovely to ride, but I’m really not sure how it’d do with 10lb of electronics/motors hanging off it.

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@deucesdown Ah I see. I’m only 120 pounds but I can see how the electronics could change its dynamics. They would be close to the trucks though, so I guess it’s tough to say without trying.

I might just grab a flex 4 to be safe

Flex 4 is still amazingly bendy (in a good way). I’d dig through Vanguard build threads if I were you, see if anyone is building on anything softer than flex 2. Flex 1 and 2 are also longer.

If not electric, I’d totally go for the flexiest one I can get though :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen a few flex 3. I know Boosted uses flex 3 and people up to 200 pounds are fine on those. I’d feel comfortable on a flex 4, but flex 5 is where it becomes shaky hahaha. I don’t want it to bottom out all the time.

So as a consensus, would you say flex 5 is too bendy for a 120 pound person? I trust you guys way more than myself. I have no idea what is safe or not :frowning:

I’m 127 and rock a flex 4. The flex 5 is toooo flexy for my tastes.

Also as white pony stated. My flex4 has been stable at 40mph downhill. They’re great at speed, provided you “load” the board to your weight. Ie I can’t ride a flex 3 boosted because its just to damn stiff for my weight and doesn’t allow for fluid movements

If your curious about my setup Vanguard flex 4 50/50 trucks, with a 6degree BOLZEN dewedge in rear so (44rear/50 front)

Front 86a blood orange wedge board side(with its flat washer) 86a riot plug 83a blood orange barrel Precision cup with internal sleeves

Rear 86a blood orange wedge 86a riot plug 86a barrel Precision cup with internal sleeves.

Very surfy but very stable.




Yes I’m planning to motorize

Sorry, I meant ot reply to @Deckoz. Is your flex 4 electric? And props for 40mph on a flex 4…

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Oh ok haha. Sorry about that!

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Yea its dual 6355 190kv. These boards are really stable at speed provided you load the flex properly. A flex boards camber(arch of the board front to back - not caster side to side in foot wells) should flatten out like a flat board when your riding it. If it still has arch or sags its its to stiff or to flexy. With loaded boards I would take a ±15lb window of the lowest lb rating on a flex. So for a flex 4(120-170lb), should be good for a 105-135lb rider if its electrified.