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Loaded Vanguard Electronics Attachment

Hi I’m using a Loaded VanGuard 38" Flex 3 Deck and I’m wondering how would I be able to mount my electronics to the bottom of it as the board flexes quite a lot. I would also prefer not to drill any holes and screw a enclosure on so would i use a type of mounting tape or? Also what type of enclosure should I use as it is necessary that the enclosure can also bend a little along with the board.

Thanks for the help

I doubt any adhesive will safely keep your esc and batteries mounted. You could use velcro straps all the way around the board i guess. You could use water proof tackle boxes like some of the guys have done since you dont plan on securing them down properly. Sounds like problems just waiting to happen imo.

yeah i just saw @trbt555 post on using a similar board and I think i might for for a similar type of box that he did or maybe as you said a tackle box and will use a type of velcro and some mounting tape instead of drilling in screws. If i mount the enclose close to the trucks i might be able to get away with any arising problems with the flex factor

don’t use velcro. it will hold for a bit, and then sooner or later parts will fall off and so will you.
I have used gopro mount adhesives with good results.

@lowGuido do you mean the 3M ones?

also would this be sufficient to use on a tackle box?

yeah, that’s what I have used. I use several of them on each box. they are strong. I have never had one come off.

I think you will regret using adhesive strips of any kind.
They will eventually fall off and you’ll bail hard.

I would advise attaching your enclosures with screws, it will give you peace of mind.
Check my build thread for how I did it. Everything seems to be holdig up properly.

In any case, if you insist on using a flexible deck, you’ll need to split your components over two enclosures and leave the middle section of the board free to allow for flex.

Alternatively you could use good quality silicone caulk to fix your enclosures, @Jeff described his method in this thread.

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@trbt555 I dont think i would like to drill into my board so I think ill instead try out the silicone. About the enclosure I think I might go for the same one you did as it is just about the right dimensions for my parts. However I do think ill only need one box at the back of the board as I only have 2 lipo batteries (146mm (L) x 51mm (W) x 21mm (H)) and one ESC (56.5mm (L) x 38mm (W) x 32mm (H)). The receiver for the remote is then quite small and I should have room for that and also a On/Off Switch

@trbt555 Here is a link to my electronics just so you can visualize it if necessary:

ESC; product/single-motor-120a-6s-esc/

Battery (x2);

On/Off Switch; product/on-off-high-voltage-anti-spark-power-switch-2-14s/

And thats all correct if I’m wrong apart from the receiver which is small so doesn’t need to be worried about

You can get away with one enclosure as long as then enclosure doesn’t go more than about 1/3 of the length of the board.

Some more ideas:

  1. Heavy duty velcro holds well as long as it stays clean. Maybe use velcro down the center and then seal off the edges with a flexible silicone to prevent dirt.

  2. Mount the box on a piece of aluminum that is bolted on with the trucks. That is essentially what the folks at mellow boards have done and it can be ridden on a flexy board.

I have put over 700km on the gopro mounts and they don’t even look like letting go. clean the surfaces with alcohol first and make sure you get a good adhesion.

on this board I don’t even have a case.

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I stand corrected. Nice work.

for what its worth I have also done maybe 100ks with velcro. and while it works to start with the parts fall off after a while.
I’m actually making a “Hack” board at the moment where I will be testing different receivers and ESC’s etc so i’ll be using velcro on that one because I only want to keep the components on for a short period and then swap them.

I found saw a product called “dual lock” on the net but couldn’t find any at the hardware store I wanted to test that stuff too.

hmm this is quite interesting. I ordered the ‘lunch box’ as an enclosure and at first will test out velcro with the go pro mounts and see how that works keeping in mind that i could fall off at any moment ill probably do this testing at slower speeds. If these go pro sticky pads dont work then i will have no choice but to drill in screws like @trbt555 did or use silicon

@lowGuido Ill get the dual lock velcro and test it out as my dad works at 3M so it will be easy for me to get my hands on it :smiley:

I used industrial strength M3 Velcro on my first build, our roads are shite so it didn’t last long!

I ended up using screws and its been sweet since

@Zay-SK8 I put a layer of epoxy down over the area where I mounted my enclosure. Then I sanded it flat and used another layer of epoxy to secure the enclosure to the deck. This worked because it reduced flex in the area where I needed it to be stiff. If you like the flex and you don’t want to drill holes in the deck this approach might give you the option of reducing flex in a specific area. If the deck is really flexy, though, YMMV.

Here is a guide on selecting 3M Dual Lock strips.

I like the SJ3560.
Links on this page are cool as they list local stores where you can buy (call first not always in stock).
OR here is an E-bay link for 6 feet of the stuff:
Make sure bottom of deck is smooth and new like finish for a good bond. This one gets stronger over a few days so do not use it immediately after applying. helps to warm the adhesive with heat gun or hair dryer immediately before application.

Either way get the 1.5"-2" roll easier to cut larger strips into smaller pcs than trying to bond smaller ones together as they tend to rip apart, (believe me I tried this already). Probably want to keep larger items battery packs closer to trucks and lay out side to side as lengthwise you will pull ends off when the board flexes and loose components.

I really like the idea of using the go pro mount stickers but I instead of just directly placing the electronics onto the board I will instead but them into a small box and use the gropro stickers to hold that into place and hopefully that should work. Velcro could also be used which goes around the deck just to secure the box on and make sure that it doesnt fall of somehow during use.

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