Locktite or something else

I was wondering if it’s recommended to use locktite to keep the screws into my eclosure. Can locktite screws be unscrewed later on for access? I’ve had to fall out from vibrations.

Blue loctite is what are you looking for Red loctite you will need heat to unscrew later on


Yes always use loctite. 243 loctite is a medium hold loctite that allows bolts and screws to be removed with just hand tools and without heat.


I use a small dab of blue loctite. Just stops them vibrating out.

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Thanks all

Red loctite is Green, Blue Loctite is Red. …so, say again (??)

Ur loctite is weird @pixelsilva … my blue loctite is blue a d my red is red, never used the green before because i like being able to remove my metal parts haha

My blue loctite and grey, my red loctite, is grey, my green loctite is grey, and I keep on getting pulled over for running a grey light




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Check out vibra tite vc-3. It’s designed to be cycled on and off a few times.

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