Lofty Direct Drive

Hi guys,

I’ve been following with interest all the discussion surrounding the incoming direct drives and I’ve also come accross Lofty (a chinese manufacturer) who claims they have a direct drive system ready to ship.

The information I’ve been given by them is rather sketchy, so I was just wondering if any of you has tested their setup and can tell us if they are worth it. I just don’t want to buy them and find that the motors are crap or that the trucks are bendy…

Thank you for your help! Ricardo

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thank you for pointing me to the right direction! Indeed I’ve been in touch with Kenna and, although she tried to be very helpful, at times the messages are confusing.

I’d really appreciate it if there was some real world experience on them. On other news, Meepo are also developing their direct drive setup now! 2019 will be the year of the direct drive :-o

Cheers, Ricardo