Logging/monitoring the vesc

I’m currently running two VESC’s in parallel (one to each rear wheel of my mountain board). Both controlled by a Y’d PPM signal. I want to log and/or monitor telemetry from at least one vesc using an arduino - while still controlling the vesc via ppm.

I see a lot of threads on the vesc UART, but I haven’t found one that walks you through the setup procedure, pinnouts, baud rate, etc. I think I’ve found the answer to most of the questions, but one thing I haven’t yet found is the correct configuration of the vesc for monitoring/logging via the UART while still controlling the vesc via ppm.

I assume I need to go to the “App configuration” tab of the BLDC tool and select “PPM AND UART”. Can someone confirm?

Also, if someone knows of a document or tutorial that can walk me through the setup and configuration to do this it would be most appreciated.

I think you are looking for a bt module

I’m just trying to communicate with an Arduino

…via the UART… in order to get telemetry…https://buildkitboards.com/products/vesc-bluetooth-adapter

BT module does exactly (barring the arduino) what you described and it is plug and play. @jlabs has one on his site linked above

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No problemo!

If your need is logging, and you don’t have to use Arduino, you can also check out www.metr.at

Nice app(s), but you need the metr bt dongle. With this you can log, change settings, set up modes, set up TCP bridge do you don’t have to use an USB cable to connect with the VESC Tool. And more. Not sure how it is when not using CAN though…

The app can run in your phone in your pocket, it keeps a connection with the bt module and stores the logs

Presumably ackmaniacs free app does the same thing for android phones

No BT module needed for what you want to do. All you need is the RollingGecko library to read from the VESC and that’s it !

Here’s a link :

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Just remember to switch to the VESC6 branch if you’re running v3.x firmware on your VESC. Also if you use CAN to connect the VESCs together you might be able to log from both of the VESCs. I haven’t tried that yet however, and have questions of my own

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