London electrics meetup / electrics meetups where you are

hey folks,

would any of the London / UK folks be interested in a meetup to go through electrics and electrics best practice? maybe not go so far as soldering etc, but maybe a semi-structured approach to learning more about electrics and how to get best performance?

^^ i’m fine with the mechanics, but am feeling my way around the electrics atm, so would love to be able to talk through things first hand, rather than do ping pong with posts every evening after work…

i’ll organise - just need to know whether we can get a few of us there…

and then… goes without saying that this doesn’t have to be a london thing - can be anywhere!



I’m in. Maybe we can also grab our boards and go for a quick ride :sweat_smile: I’m interested in trying other boards too!

yea me too :wink:

hi guys, someone interested to build a custom battery pack ? I will do mine (18650 cells - 10S3P) in a couple of days at the London Hackspace