Long belts wanted

In need of htd5-430-15m. Qty. 4



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We should have some soon… 345mm in 12mm and 15mm… Used for our Reverse Mount setups with 40T.

So you wil have 430mm belts? Or you will be offering a V4 belt stretcher to go from 345 to 430mm…lol

ohh haha doh! had no clue that was 430 Lol thought it was 340… I do have 435 but in 20mm :confused: Not really using it so if you want to pay shipping. I can send you some.

Well …that would be within my min/max requirements so that sounds great. Just need to get qty.4 -20mm pinions to run em. I’ll take all ya got. Just pm meh so I can pay you kindly.

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