Long risers to support too flexy decks and act as a battery anchor!?

Anyone ever heard of anything like this? Thinking this could also be a cool part to add anchors to for battery packs. If it was thick enough and extended from one truck to the other…like a long center support or beam…could be slightly more ridged material to also help stiffen flexible boards.

Hmm do you mean like a battery ‘hammock’ that’s TM’d by me… just now, Frank will be along shortly to explain everything :joy:

I think it’s a good idea indeed, in fact I think I have happened across a build or two which utilised a method of enclosing within a sheet of rubber, but yeah could be universal and have Velcro ties to create more suppport than just the truck ends, needs bolstering in the midships too, could be deadly if a band of gasket was drawn into the underside tightly to make it fairly sealed

One of these days

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I think he means a support beam the goes the whole length of the deck from truck to truck, between the batteries and the deck.

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So something like this:

I tried something similar for a 6s5000mAh pack next to each truck. It works pretty well. It did fail however because my 3d printing is not good enough and 6s is just way too big

Yes like this but with loops to strap down battery and not so raw like this out of extruded AL, instead think thin CF maybe with curves or something more refined and softer rubber under hanger cut to form fit.

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This whole thread is painful to read


Thanks for that. Thoughts apart from the pain in the head… here is the scenario I have a freeboard that I mounted regular gull wings on and hummies hubs on…I’m noticing a stupid amount of flex in a board that I’m not sure is suppose to flex much…this is a board designed to have trucks with a much larger volume hanger plate AND I moved the trucks out to the absolute ends of the board hence the thought for extended risers that could add a big of support. Thoughts master tiller?

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Yeah, those boards do have some flex. It’s unnoticed mostly because usually the casters are under there. I had a deck with too much flex a few years ago, and what I did was add a few layers of fiberglass to the bottom of the deck. It made a huge difference and was pretty easy.

The double kingpin truck with the super wide hanger and tall risers on a flexy deck gives me the willies though.

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