Long sensor and phase wires

Got a customer who is looking to extend their phase and sensor wires to 40cm.

Is this like to cause any issues like de-sync?

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I currently have like 50cm because my motors dont fit next to each other and so far no issues in FOC but I am running sensorless so the sensor part I dont know :confused:

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I had 85cm long phase and sensor wires running in FOC without any problems :sunglasses:


thanks for the feedback chaps. sounds like he will not have any issues :slight_smile:

Ive read somewhere here on the forum that people use ferrite rings on thee end of their sensor wires to suppress some of the high frequency noise that might be there from the phase wires but I have not encountered this problem yet myself.

Sensors are only used in the first couple mph when there is low back emf… So no it’s not needed