Longboard Build l 6374 motor l 12s4p battery l Caliper II trucks

I have all of it planned out and just want to get some input if this is will all work together and be a pretty good system. I also have a few questions.

First of all, Will those pulleys fit the polyurethane 97mm wheels? I don’t know If those bolts will work for that pattern? Secondly, how fast, how much torque, and what kind of range do you think this will have? I want speed and torque and range. Do all the parts fit together? Also, will the dual 6374 motors fit on the caliper II trucks? I originally thought no, but then I saw a picture of someone who seemed to have done it.

I’ve been spending countless hours putting this together. In my head it should all work fine, but I would love another opinion. Right now, the entire thing will cost me ~$1320 and I don’t want to go any higher.

Thanks for the input in advance!

Update: Here are the updated parts.

6374 dual don’t fit to normal caliber. You need TB trucks 218mm

You don’t need the stlink adaptor and you can make the dual xt60 to xt90 in 5 mins if you can solder.

do I need different pulley system then or can I keep using my 14t 12mm?

Hey man, you have some good parts selected, but I wouldn’t go with the flipsky motors, they are super unreliable and prone to breaking.

Thanks dude! I’ll probably switch to torque motors then!



These are what you need

is there any reason to get the 6380 4100w motor for future upgrades? Its only 15$ more per. Would that be too much power?

It would be super powerful, but there is never too much power. Your board will also be pretty heavy if you use 6380

I’m not too worried about weight. Lastly, when looking at the 218mm trucks, it suggests a 15mm belt. Is the required, or can I stick with the 12mm? 15mm is surprisingly more expensive.

You could do 12, but the belt may skip a little bit. 15mm just gives you a little more control

Ill go with 15 then. Thanks for the input!!!

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Do you think I’ll have enough clearance with the drop through deck? I’m considering not getting one but I can’t find a good flex deck for cheap that’s not drop through.

Your motors will be fine with a drop through deck, just add some risers. However the Torqueboards battery isn’t that flexy I don’t think, so maybe find a less flexible deck. Reverse motors also look really cool, you should check them out here

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With the deck, motor mount, and motor I have here, will the motor clear the back end of the deck (reverse setup)?

Also is it worth getting the 6380 motor and/or the fixed motor mounts?

products/electric-skateboard-motor-6374-190kv https://www.amazon.com/Rimable-Drop-through-Longboard-Canadian-Polynesia/dp/B074CGSLH5/ref=sr_1_40?ie=UTF8&qid=1538689514&sr=8-40&keywords=longboard%2Bdeck%2Bdrop%2Bthrough&th=1 products/63mm-reverse-motor-mount-set

products/v5-fixed-motor-mount-set products/electric-skateboard-motor-6380-170kv

You can get away dual 6380’s on the Caliber truck, if you outside mount the motors like I have done. Not a common configuration, but it has worked well for me.

You would only need to add the appropriate size stand offs too the TB mounts. The overall added width is sometimes annoying if you are carrying/transporting the board. But it facilitates the drop through deck, no clearance issues ever.