Longboard deck with built in enclosures

Could anyone design me a longboard deck with built in enclosures. Im working with a company to make them out of aluminum. Thanks guys!!

Aluminum is heavy and expensive. wood or composites are usually better suited for a deck.

I’d look online for some 3d/cad design outfit you can pay, but it’s going to be $$ most likely.


the deck would be around 300$ and it would be nearly indestructible but if its indestructible its also heavy


I think this style with larger tubes to fit 18650’s would be perfect. you really only need a deck template. not a 3d cad.

That being said I can design a cad 3d deck but designs are not cheap. for sure not free.

Right now i’m working with that guy to get it going! Its gonna be like 5 months though.

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that seem like a long time but should be interesting.

even that board with a few hollow sections for batteries and electronics would be nice. a larger tube would give the extra strength thats lost from the hollow parts.

and the holes on the cutouts are just begging for leds!

yah its gonna take so long because we are cad designing all the parts and making them fit perfectly. once that is done it will take like 10 hours to make the deck. Then he will send it to me to be tested and we will make changes as needed. Then I will add all the cool things like leds.