Longboard Larry OSD 60" deck

Just curious if anyone has electrified a really long deck like the LBL OSD.

I could fit a million batteries under this sucker.

anything specific inputs of pro’s and cons of using a SUPER long deck?!


Hmm might be a good candidate for this…

Took a look at other lbl decks…this one looks even better 51061-e1403218152633 http://longboardlarry.com/56-cruiser/


Looks like you barely have any space for your feet. How is your ride on that thing? Looks really inconvenient. I would prefer a standard 9-inch width deck for esk8.


who built that battery pack? my gosh.


you’d sit on it anyways so why does it matter?

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I’m currently electrifying a Koastal Drifter II

Make sure you get trucks that are super-duper carvy and turny because the length “tightens” the steering significantly. I’m building with double-kingpin Supercarve trucks

I don’t always sit on it. He just wraped a bunch of these together: https://www.ebay.com/itm/201920561877?rmvSB=true

thats a sweet deck. do you have a build thread? would love to see final product.

im torn between working on the 60’’ deck or a little 30 incher i have from bustin… so much work to do!

I’m not going to make build threads until they’re done :stuck_out_tongue:

There will be too many questions that I just don’t have the answers for yet, so why torture you

Hehe that’s my anaconda pack :yum:


These are starting to look like C4 haha

I had a 50inch wheelbase on my diy flexible longboard it was super fun to drive and so flexible thst if you would jump while on the middle it would touch the floor the trucks had to be super loose

Super fun board to drive untill it got stolen