Longboard trucks that's possible to machine

I need a set of trucks that I can machine so the rear one can hold hub motors. I was looking at the Bear grizzly 852s but since I’m not to familiar with this is it common to have the axle as one unit going through the whole thing or is it more common to screw it in from both sides? The hub motor is wider than a regular wheel so I need more axle stick out… Any other trucks that has what I’m looking for is interesting but I found a set of the grizzlys locally so if they can do the job that would be perfect :slight_smile:

Second alternative is to get a set of trucks and machine the complete lower part and get some 12.9 thread rods/bolts but if I could find a suitable finished truck that could be machined off it would be a lot less work.

Just get a set of Surf Rodz TKP’s and buy whatever axle length you need. You can get the axles at Fastenal in just about any length.

You mean RKP :slight_smile: TKP is blahhhh lol

Nope, I mean TKP, they are great. I have 2 sets, regularly do 30mph plus.


I have a buddy who hit 35mph on those trucks and dislocated both shoulders and bashed his head almost dying from the wobbles which bucked him off…riding tkp on an electric is a poor idea…

Need 8mm axles :X

I know a dozen people that busted and street faced riding RKP’s…some are better than others. The SR TKP’s are better than most, and if you take the time to tune the bussings to your riding style, stance, weight and conditions almost any quality truck can be used on an electric skateboard.

@Deckoz get in here and educate these folks…


Surf Rodz makes an 8mm version as well, and fastenal and pretty much any other large hardware supplier can get 8mm shoulder bolts.


@Deckoz rides RKP lol


@Minim https://www.surf-rodz.com/products/truck-parts/10-x-8mm-conversion-kit

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it looks like those should bolts are 8mm threads on 10mm so does that mean 6mm on 8mm? If so I’m not sure I would feel comfortable riding those… Wouldn’t a 8mm all the way be stronger?

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA, he won’t agree with you

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::In before paragraphs from squishy calling everyone noobs:: Though in this case he’ll be right


These… https://www.surf-rodz.com/products/truck-parts/10-x-8mm-conversion-kit …are 10mm shoulder bolts milled to 8mm on the outside. They are stronger than any axle on a cast truck. Email them, the will tell you the tolerances.

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Are you sure it’s not just threaded 10mm that have a 8mm shoulder bolt with 6mm axle? I also need more axle lenght than that. Prolly 60-70mm or so… I’ll send them a mail and ask.

I did make a rough sketch of the truck now and it looks quick to machine. I’m tempted to buy a set of the used Grizzlys, use the front and machine the lower part of the rear truck myself if a M8 bolt can stand up with 180mm axle width and a 100kg rider. The surf rodz will be around $180 including shipping and VAT but the grizzlys I can grab for $40 all included and machining is only time consuming.

To machine them what exactly do you mean? If you mean cut away a bit of the hanger just whip out the grinder and cut around the hanger then through the chunk you just separated. Next get a screwdriver or similar tool and put it in the gap and turn it slightly to allow the bit of aluminium to slide off the axle. Well that’s what I did at least.

Someone at Enertion made a video a while ago for how to do it so you could fit their wheel pulleys

I would throw them in the cnc mill and have it eat away some alu :smiley: But if the axles don’t go all the way through I can’t do it… I will mill away around 15-20mm on each side of the hanger so if the stock ones are seated just inside it will get really weak. If it goes all they way through it should be fine I think.

that toolpath is gonna leave a staircase finish youre gonna need 3 operations atleast gonna need a large chamfer endmill

ask me how I know :upside_down_face:

True, it was just the roughing :slight_smile: I’ll go over with a proper chamfer or a ball mill for finishing passes. The machine holds up to 3kg tools :smiley: I think I need 5 operations to complete it, the side in the picture, bottom, top that goes into the truck and both sides to do rigid tap the M8 threads. Did you make your own? :smiley: Would be awesome to get some good pointers so I don’t go into any stupid traps if I decide to do it.

Ahh that will be much better than my grinder job, just make sure you have a way to attach the hubs to the hanger