Longboard wheels for my first build?

Hey guys, apologies if this is in the wrong section but I’m curious where the best place to get 83mm longboard wheels is in Australia, any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Enertion boards

I agree with Pablo_702, most definitely Enertion boards

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theres no way you can get fly wheel clones in australia :confused: you can either buy the original fly wheels or orangtang kegls or just drill out solid longboard wheels.

Both Enertion and Evolve sell flywheel type wheels.

Time to spend some quality time w/ Google.

Enertion is in AU - so that’s an easy one. BUT if you want something different than the 83mm clones he sells - like the 90/97 or 76mm flywheels - time to do some searching.

I wouldn’t look at wheels until you know what deck you are going to use. Some decks will fit monster wheels without any risers, and others will need risers to fit 83’s!

I’d start reading up on builds here - look at what you like and let that guide your first setup.

Ask questions when you have them and we’ll help you out!

Good luck!