Longer hangers 230mm, 240mm, 250mm

We are working at the moment on custom Caliber hanger and I have a question regarding the length of hanger what are your thoughts about 230mm, 240mm and 250mm hangers?


I always wondered why nobody did this.

I think we need them so they fit (all variants of) 6374s, anything longer is too much.


I would also make sure the profile is the same as the original Caliber, there are a lot of motor mounts available for it and it would be a shame if some wouldn’t work due to a different thickness of the hanger.

We will be making in 0.75" I guess not sure but mainly its for our drives and maybe even belt mount :slight_smile:

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How about Adjustable base plates while you’re at it lol


Don’t the 218mm hangers already fit 2 6374 motors?

Yes they do but they dont fit 6384 :wink:

Why the need for wider hangers ?

And 15/20 mm belts


there’s been problems with these extended hangars breaking. not sure what material you’ll be using but ensure it’s at least at strong as TB’s 218mm.


On my setup I have two 6374 with 15mm belts

Not sure how far the axle goes into the TB218, but if you were to make a longer precision one maybe just long enough to accommodate dual 6384 and any makers drives or 20mm pulleys. You could go safe on it and either run the axle straight through for ultimate no flex or quite deep

Oh and sell them individually, do a bulk run for lowest price you can, a precision baseplate option may be welcome depending on price, Randal degrees - 39?/44/50

Field of Dreams “If you build it, he will come” :smirk:

8mm is already weak on 218mm If you extend it further, you have to extend the axle diameter too.

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Yeah check out Surf Rodz options on sickboards, 200mm hanger + they have an 80mm axle(not on sickboards)

Oh and there is the possibility to make a mount ring/adapter which either forms the basis for a drive or simple motor mount, look at pychotillers clamp for surf rodz

Yeah, but dual 6384, 20mm belts isnt possible


Definitely interested in a set that pairs with the carvon speed drive r footprint. Would like to see a hanger that doesn’t use a spacer to compensate for the longer axle.

Also it should have decent axel length, the 218’s have 48mm axel I think, which gives you a lot of mounting freedom for different wheels / pulleys etc. and surf rods have options up to 70mm

There is also this one:

@trampa when will these hit the store available?

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