Longer VESC cam bus and battery cable

I plan to build a diagonal drive configuration, so the VESC cam bus and xt90 battery cable to the slave VESC are going to have to be pretty long. I just wanted to see if there is a way i can source everything I need without soldering anything.

Why don’t you have them normal length and instead simply use longer motor cables?

I didn’t even think about it, but wouldnt 4 cables (including sensor cable) be more $ than one battery cable?

If I can do that I can use a dual VESC and not 2 single motor vescs in master/slave.

A lot of people don’t run sensor cables at all, so if you’re fine running uncensored you would only need to get longer cables for the motor. Get some basic cable from Home Depot, get some bullet connectors, and voila

Just use two receiver paired to your remote. Works fine too. No need to extend any cables.

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The hall sensor cable and vesc cam bus should be easy to extend because the wires are normal low-voltage.