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Longest lasting build

Just curious but I wnated to know how long your electric boards last before the replacement of parts is needed. So If you guys could list the parts used(photos included would be sick too) And how long your board lasted before needing a replaced battery, motor, esc, ect. Thanks!

So far, over about 6 months of daily riding, 10km, at least 3 days per week, I snapped one belt and burned out the old style Enertion motor (not the newer 190kv model). Actually I lost both after about 4 months. I replaced the motor with an SK3-245kv. I’ve had a contact on my Talon 90 ESC break off the PCB (easily fixed), and I’ve replaced all of my Deans connectors with XT-90s because they kept wiggling loose while riding. My 6s, 8000mAh batter was used when I got it, and range has declined from 20km to maybe 15. I’ll probably have to buy a new battery some time soon.

I made my first prototype November of 2014. I used a $40 helli ESC which lasted only a week. (it was crappy to control anyway) I replaced it with a hobbyking 150A car ESC and I have been riding that same board as my daily ever since. I have not replaced anything other than a few belts and replaced the drive pulley just about a week ago.

oh I have made some improvements over the years, but only that I soldered the Kama dongle, and added an idler pulley.

November 2014 March 2016


Also worth noting, I had many of my own solder points snap randomly while riding - another reason I recommend XT connectors over Deans, as XTs are much easier to solder to. The vibrations on an e-skate are incredibly harsh, and anything that isn’t strong enough WILL eventually break.

nice build and thanks for answering the necessary question how long do you usually get to ride with that battery

i like the build do you live in a hilly area or flat

My area is relatively flat.

And without trying to be rude Matt if your soldering joins are snapping then you need to practice more. A good quality solder join will not snap.

ohh aright then i feel like i should try the dual for the hilly area im in

Dual sure does eat up hills. I do notice the difference when I ride one of the dual boards.

Oh I know. I wasn’t using a high quality solder gun, so the 2nd time around I got the right equipment and now it’s built to last. I have learned a ton just about good soldering practices from this project.