Longest Lasting Pnuematic Street Tire

I am on my way home from an SF group ride that I had to leave early because my wheel went bald and popped the tube.

These were stock MBS AT tires, and although I am aware that using off-road tires on asphalt grinds them down faster, I’m a little ticked that it cut off my day of fun especially since these wheels have less than 100 miles on them.

So, knowing that I’m not buying MBS 8” off-road tires again and that I’ll mostly be using this board for group rides on roads in the future, what would you recommend for the longest lasting street tire? I’m looking for 8 inch or less. Thanks!

P.S. hope everyone in Vegas is having a good time!


Sensible. Other than this innuendo I have little to offer you but wish you luck :hugs:


I really like my trampa primo striker tires. 100 miles on the. Currently and no signs of any wear

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i’ve had the smallest pricklly thingy majiger poke my tire and pop the tube when it wasn’t bald at all. a simple tube replacement/patch fixes all. hella annoying but what else can you expect with a tubed tire?

i suggest carrying an extra tube or two every time you go on a fun long group ride!

I’ve got an extra 200x50 tube up here in mill valley if thats the right size and you want to get your board back in business quickly! i’d be happy to give it you.

bummer about your day at the group ride. :[

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6 shooter tires last for ever.


Trampa Primo Tire, or Trampa Treads hard compound (I use this ones, high psi resistant, all around wheels, long lasting)…

ive literally been trying to burn em up… rough az roads and even ran over some shattered glass ::knock on wood:: doing really good. running 50psi i dont recommend running over glass though, but my speed was to great to dodge so i said fk it

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Longer lasting means harder compound, which results in a stiff tire that is less suitable for off-road but relatively efficient otherwise.

I increase the pressure of these to 5-6 for touring and to 4 for a more comfy ride. All other tires I have tried (hard compound mbs and trampa tires) lasted less than 350 km sometimes as low as 150. These lasted beyond 1000 km.

Control over loose big gravel is reduced/wheels start to bounce more rather than absorb the impact.


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