Longest running VESC(lifespan poll)

Who has the oldest running VESC? Never broke never serviced Mine is a 3 years old Enertion 4.12 vesc still running strong on my first esk8 ever

Trying to know what is the general lifespan of a VESC


Interesting thread, additionally it would be good to know how often the vesc was in use because it can be a huge difference in lifespan between daily use and seldom use. And there are countries where you can ride the whole year and countries where it’s just a couple of months.

But 3 years sounds great anyway :grin:

It is used at least once or twice a week by me, and my brother uses it as well. And I can ride all year long if it’s not raining ( sometimes it rains for consecutive weeks tho)

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2xEnertion 4.12 flawlessly since 1.5 years / >>2000 km (BLDC mode)

Time means not so much to me.

The two focbox in my Evo have about 6000 miles in them.(4k+ are from the vanguard they were in before the Evo)

Comparatively I have had ESCs that last less then a mile, less then 30 miles, and also die at 300 miles.

I think certain ESCs were designed for abuse… And also think milage is a better tell tale sign then time…


Yeah you are right! But over 3 years it was hard for me to guess the mileage

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1x Enertion vesc 2.5 years easily 2k miles 1x Ollin vesc 2 years 1500 miles.

Version HW4.7. I got mine before all the quick changes to HW4.12 and 6.4. Mileage, less than 100.