Longhairedboy Interview


I saw this posted on reddit (I have no affiliation with the site). It’s a really nice write-up. I’d actually be interested in seeing profiles like this on the prominent builders on this forum. Thought you all would enjoy.


Such an awesome dude


Awesome one @longhairedboy :wink:

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… and i never finished reading the proof lol

its been so busy lately, can’t even get my lawn mowed.


The lawn can wait… :wink:

well… not in Florida…

Basically it goes like this: mow on saturday, mow on tuesday, mow on thursday. Take a break even though you know its not a good idea and when you get back to Saturday you already have 6 feet of untamed grassy wilderness from which emerges an ecosystem that could potentially swallow you and your family whole. Snakes show up, ferile cats start giving birth, giant fucking birds dive bombing your yard for kittens and snakes, racoons dragging you garbage into the darkness that was once a happy fun time lawn… well you get the idea.

but thanks everybody for the kind words. It was a lot of fun giving that interview. We did it via email, and it took a couple of days.


mowing sounds like a job for a robot.

I think the apocalypse board could take care of that for you.

with a 20 year micro fusion reactor, there should be plenty of juice for a lawn attachment for the plasma rifle.

Or we could spray some plasma uranium juice on the grass and it will stay alive, but never grow again.

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When are you going to build a ride on lawn mowing “E-Mow” skateboard? Could start a new trend in lawnboarding. :laughing:


Nice job LHB, and well deserved attention!

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Very dope interview Damon :ok_hand:

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Nice write up on a stellar storm trooper of this community.

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Nice MrHair, well done

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great interview and hope more people learn about what you are doing. I learned a few things about you as well. Btw you actually have really nice hair. Would make many females jealous.

Your are hillarious. Love this forum.

Wow… that’s cool @longhairedboy

Congrats for following your dreams brother… don’t let anyone hold you back… yolo


That was a fun read. I wonder, what would be the amp draw on the micro fusion reactor?

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@Mobutusan oh man… i think you may have started something. an esk8 with a mower deck… i can totally see it working in my head.