LongTimeComing | 8s or 9s LiPo? | Caliber Trucks | 83mm Flywheel Clones | VESC | SK3 245kv

Yo. Finally got everything together, this has been months in the making due to lack of good weather in ol’ north of England. I plan to put the build log here, and probably make a video about it :slight_smile: . I feel more than ready to do this, been browsing this forum for what seems like years now! Here’s the final parts list, hoping for a smudge of help on the batteries though.

  • Deck: I own a nice 42 inch pintail for this build. In future I’m going to use a kicktail deck, i just prefer them :grin:

  • Trucks/mount/wheels: Caliber 2’s with 'tillers mount and 83mm Flywheel clones

  • VESC, toyed around with a beast ESC but thanks to @ProtoBoards’s best prices in the UK it has to be VESC :tada:

  • Batteries: I’ve whittled this down to two choices. Either:

2x Multistar High Capacity 4S 10000mAh Multi-Rotor Lipo Pack OR 3x ZIPPY Compact 5000mAh 3S 25C Lipo Pack

I’m trying to be somewhat cost effective here too. Price difference here is negligible. The question i have is: is there any reason a VESC would have problems with 9s or 8s in particular that i’m unaware of? 9s Keeps me at about 5700 ERPM so its fine on that front.

Id prefer 8s just for the range, since the speed difference isn’t that much. I just have a suspicion that might not fit well with VESC? If anyone could enlighten me that’d be great.

For hardware I’ve some nice 3d printed 36t pulleys and a 15t pulley for the SK3. A nano remote for control, and various other bits and bobs will be fine.

So thats it. Excited to get building very soon :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m using the 10ah 4s packs on current everyday board. they are great. I get about 12-15miles. 20-25mph depending on wheels and gearing…

and you can use an 8s balance charger for quick and easy charging.

if you are going with clones I say 90 or 97mm! or kegels for 80mm.

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I’m also working on my build at the moment and opted for the 90mm flywheel clones. I agree with @saul! The extra mm are worth it. I feel the board coast for a lot longer than my 83mm. And here in Vegas we have a ton of small stones in the street. I end up running over them with no problem. I definitely feel the stones and rocks with my 83mm. Also, I went with 10S2P lipo set up - (2) 5000 mah lipos. I find that the wiring is pretty simple when it comes to getting them in series. However, I’m still trying to find a easy charging solution as I have to charge them separately. :frowning: Good luck on your build!

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