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Hi I’m looking for the topic I read one day The guy was speaking about electric stuff But used like this is your muscle and this is the energy you give to your muscle… someone have the link please thank you

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I don’t think I kind find the topic but I SURE WANT TO FIND WHAT SHIT YOU’RE ON :wink:

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[quote=“evoheyax, post:1, topic:2980”] Amps - Think of it as how much energy you can send to that muscle

You can have huge muscles [/quote].

This one


Yess thank you Man


usually peopl use water to describe. water tank= battery amount of water from the hose= ampere size of the hose= voltage (smaller hose is faster water speed) resistor= controls diameter of hose.

They use mucle cuz of power relation of esk8 but not the most accurate. it is confusing down the road.