Looking a reliable motor. Experiences welcome

So, none of the motors in the market have lasted me a long time without manitenance. Some got the magnets loose, retainer rings falling off, axle vs can striping, worn bearings in a short time, hall sensors gone bad.

I wonder if there is a consensus on a specific motor brand that could withstand the abuse of an electric skateboard.

The only brand I haven’t test is Tacon and Turnigy

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I can tell you the Turnigy SK8 is hot trash. They’re weak, oversized, and held on by 3 stainless bolts that can easily shear. I’ve been using torque boards 6355’s for a while now and I love their power and haven’t had to do any maintenance on them since I got them. However I’ve also heard some less than favorable reviews of their motors, and I think it’s just a lottery of whether you get a nice set or not.


Im guessing you are not talking about hub motors but hummie hubs feel indestructible and ride amazing. Have not had a problem yet other then them being heavy but I dont really mind.


I still vow for the sk3 series motors. Have never had a failure through snow, salt or mud. Always work.


How about those Dark Matter motors? or the sealed ones from China?

The Tacon seems to be also pretty tough

No luck with the open red Maytech? The variations on the dark matters I think are ok if you can do some preemptive work to secure everything. (Magnets, shafts etc.)

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100% agree. Until another motor comes on the market that can beat it I will keep using the 6374 sk3. Bulletproof and cheap.

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From what @DerelictRobot was saying after looking inside some newer maytechs (ones i just got from @hyperIon1) , they seem to be coming pre battle hardened now. I’d love to see the difference between older stock maytechs and newer production ones.


No, just no. I’ll send you one if you wanna see the shit internals.


These are pretty great, at least so far for me.


Yep. The 4 I have sat in my drawer have been faultless. Plus the 2 that @brenternet has have almost done as many miles as these…

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What :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


From my last experience (still ongoing), I like the closed maytech one.

I buy the customized (not only the logo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) Overion 130kV, before summer 2017 (for my e-MTB, and I ride them hard, everywhere every time raining/snowing, mud-land etc. from less than -0°C to +40°C at 70A Batt and Motor max).

And I still run them today on my last little AT board with GD. Still so powerful! For standing startup they’re awesome, I never touch them or make any maintenance (the only issue was with the sensor extension where one pin was left :slight_smile: ).

For now, if I have to buy a new motor, it will be the new v2 or still a Maytech I guess.

Or the new 6880. Like (except the customizing) they’re the same inside as the enclosed 6374 but with the outer big bearing that seals the can. But they’re longer and heavier just for the bearing …

One motor who handle really great, run quieter, and torquy to is the Dyamond 200kV 6374.


ditto on the open red maytechs. No problems so far and I ride them in salty beach weather on gravel/sand.

edit. sand/gravel covered tarmac. not actual beach sand. lol

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He’s just being a dick, pretty common occurrence


I’ve had good fortune with turnigy motors (sk8) on my Kaly gear drive. No complaints at all.

Dark matter motors were rebranded FreeRCHobby motors. They are known to cut corners. There are builders on here that use them for their customers, but they have to take the time to ensure that everything is secured as they should be. Which obviously sucks

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Maytech has shown interest in what We as the DIY ESK8 community want in a motor, now I know everyone has personal opinions and preferences. One has to keep in mind that it must be versatile across several industries and applications. I see a demand for a Battle hardened motor specifically for Hard riders street or all terrain. Size, the 63mm (68mm) motors are the most popular, winding size has landed around 190kv-200kv from only what’s being made, some have played with the KV for custom runs or their rebrands. We have been talking with them on what can be improved and they have been watching what we do (battle hardening of motors) and what we put them through. over the years we have used may brushless motors from the time it killed nitro motors back in the day, you old fucks will know what im saying… GD carburetors :hot_face:

yes, it shows my age…


Anyway, Input from the community is needed and much appreciated


@Eboosted our latest motors we’ve added additional retainer clips and longer retainer rings. We’ve also epoxied all motor cans so magnets can’t move or shift. They aren’t in stock yet though. Maybe 1-1.5 weeks.

It should increase durability and reliability a lot.


Yes, Push to produce a better product. It benefits both the vendor/manufacturer and the customer. Less in dealing with damaged motors and unhappy clients.