Looking for 10s <40 amps bms

As stated I need a bms. Since I broke my bestech one… :disappointed_relieved:

buildkitboards or mboards My friend edit: you’re in eu so try eskating.eu

They have a bad rep.


Do you mean more than 40 amps?

Yes atleast 40 amps

Getting stuff from there is a terrible idea. Bad service and super-long shipping, and that’s before the fire

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ahhh wasn’t aware fellas

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I’ve got this bms I bought from a user a while back.


It’s probably too big.

Guys stop It’s a trap! Don’t point out that it’s 20a he might teach us “why bypass charging makes seance”

Check: https://electricboardsolutions.com/



I haven’t actually installed this or used it… but I ordered one of these:

i have a 40amp bms if u need one… $10 plus shipping… lightly used and working condition… i can change the charge/discharge bits if you need

1014182300a_HDR 1014182300_HDR

I use same bms above, ann power from aliexpress on my 10s2p, and it working great so far.