Looking for 10s BMS

Anyone got a 10s BMS for sale? I burned mine out…Q-Q

Those bestech 10s bms if anyone got one for sale.

I’ve got the 80a besttech bms?


I mean I have a 10s bms but its those cheap ones from the hoverboards. Can sell for cheap though

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I have an 80 Amp bestech 10s BMS. Used for about 3 charges. Removed when i had the pack repaired. Neff ever put back in. Would sell cheap. But no balance wires. You’d need an 8 pin and 2pin jst connector to use it.

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@willpark16 & @Lionpuncher How much are you asking for those BMS’ss? If @twan doesn’t want them or is not interested, I would be. PM me prices, if you’d like. Thanks!