Looking for 10s4p pack for evolve GTB

Looking for someone who can build/sell me a 10s4p for my evolve GT bamboo. Specific cells aren’t a deal breaker because I’m on a budget and would be best if the 11 pin connector was added. I could always solder it on after.

Located in Canada (Montreal) but have an address in NY.


I can help you out.


That would be awesome. Where are you located and what cells would you be using/price?

We are located in Texas. We use Samsung 30q For the pack it’s 350$ Is this a battery replacement, intended to replace the current pack you have and continue using the bms/bldc controller and remote? Or a battery for a complete gut and rework?


edit: get rid of the evolve :laughing:

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Battery replacement. Intend on using the BMS. Probably will go with a riser or routing for the extra space.

We use a 3D printed riser to get the extra space needed. Can you remove the bms from the old battery and ship to us? (or the old battery if you can’t remove the bms) we will need it to test and charge the pack.

Did you need one too Mr Beck?

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Yeah that’s for sure possible, I bought the board second hand with a almost dead battery but haven’t opened it up yet so I’ll let you know asap. Is the riser included and I’m guessing I’d have to cover the shipping of there and back?

Riser and shipping to you is covered in the 350$ if to your NY address. You only need pay shipping to us. Ups ground is usually 18$

ah shush you already have my money :slight_smile:

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Awesome. I’ll open the board up tomorrow and see what I can do. What’s the turnaround time? Never know if I can get a ride in before the snow.

. 3-4 days to us. 2-4 build and test then 3-4 shipping back to you. 12-14 days

Now that is a service! How do you guys proceed for payment. I always do PayPal invoice just for security purposes. Does that work for you?

Heres my recently finished battery :slight_smile:

very good quality, nice padding for the cells(feels sturdy and proper)

its just a little thick for the concavity of my deck but i guess that just means Im taking the belt sander to my spud!

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That’s the only way we sell batteries. It allows us to purchase cells as needed and not sit on cells. Ensures fresh cells I can work one up for you tonight and send it over. Once you pop the top and everything else checks out you can pay. We do have spare controllers and bms unit for evolve

It is padded well. I was wondering just how much of a dip that deck made. Must be soup bowl

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That’s perfect. I’ll send the email for invoice in pm and get back to you tomorrow. Can’t wait to get rolling

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haha its pretty deep, I was shocked when i felt the battery get in the way of it fitting completely!

Just means another day of prep :slight_smile:

Well, vibration will not be an issue!!! That battery will not be moving anywhere

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