Looking for 12s BMS's

I just ran out of 12s bms’s. Is there anyone here on the forum that wants to sell one or a few of them?

I have a 12s supower bms that I’m not using, I might be able to sell that to you. The problem is, I also have a 12s charger and plugs that I need to get rid of. Would you be willing to make a deal for both of them? Or are you only interested in the BMS?

How much did you want for everything?

I bought it all for 100 shipped, I’d let it go for 90 shipped. You’re in SoCal right?

I’ll let you know in a day or 2. A 12s bestech with switch and charger costs me $70, I just need to see how fast they’ll ship to me. Should get an email tonight and I’ll say yay or nay.

Ok thanks. I can ship tmrw, so let me know 10 char