Looking for 14t 15mm steel pulley

Hello, does anyone have a spare 14t steel 15mm motor pulley by chance. Need one or more if have them. If you have 12t or 13t might be interested also. Located in the US.

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in case you need 15t, let me know. i got plenty of them.

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Not to hijack, but I’m about to hijack: how about 40t-44t wheel pulleys (for Evolve ABEC 107s)?

15t steel?

@Titoxd10001 did you ever find the 14T pulley?

I’m also looking for this or a 44T wheel pulley.

@Eboosted Yeah torqueboards has some but not listed. Had some before from forum member but he no longer sells them. Running 14/44 actually but I think I’ll be needing 6374s for even better brakes. 44t is 3d printed with insert bearing but still screwed on