Looking for 170kv motor/s in eu

Hey guys I cant find sensored 170 kv motors in eu to buy?

Someone has an idea or a site where there is sth in stock?

Here check this out :wink: https://electricboardsolutions.com/collections/motor/products/sensored-waterproof-motor @e.board_solutions


I have 1x5065-170kv, 1x6355-170kv and 1x6374-170kv left :slight_smile: all the others are 190kv

grtz Frederic

@pjotr47 Thanks! @e.board_solutions Sadly I need 2 of 170s 6374. When do you get new ones?


I have to check with maytech, if they have them in stock I can have them next week :slight_smile:


They have all kind of 170kV motors

do you know how long they need for a “backorder”? :slight_smile:

:sweat_smile:… better don’t ask… waiting already 9weeks now… but they got a new batch so they should be available now again. But didn’t checked.

Edit: ok I looked it up…again only on backorder :see_no_evil:

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haha, you guys think theres a big difference between 190 and 170s for a Emtb?

I have two 190kV sealed motors from eskating.eu If you don’t plan to go crazy off-road I think it’s still ok. Most 190kV motors anyhow just 170-180kV. If you need a great torque than look for unik boards. They have great sealed 130 and 150kV motors. Or check hobbyking, but I don’t know if they have the motors on stock

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Yeah the ones from eskating I wanted to take, too. But the thing is I want to go crazy offroad :D. So maybe I should look for 130 - 150 ones :slight_smile: I think the ones unik boards have are perfect! :slight_smile:

You can calculate your max speed here http://calc.esk8.today/advanced/ If it is still enough with 150kv than go with the ones from unik. I think they nearly the same like from eskating.eu besides the different kV

Somewhat off topic question here…I’m using two 190kv motors with TB Vesc. By my calculations the erpm is 67 000, but with the calculator it says 59 000…which do I trust?

I think the calculator is good but at the end it makes no difference cause of the rpm limit if iam not wrong

Someone made a backorder from unik? I asked them hopefully it wont take that long :33

EDIT: Several weeks :3

Loaded or unloaded?

With my last build I made calculation with this one http://calc.esk8.it/ And it was close to be exactly what I got in the end on the street.

You can ask @okp about backorder time. He should know.

2 weeks but I’ll ask again if they can speed up delivery.

Yes @Andy87 I used the same one, it gave me 59 000 erpm should I go with that and still limit the erpm to 60 000?

I would set the erpm limit. You never know ;D

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