Looking for 1x JST PH 8

Anyone got some JST PH 8-pin connectors? The female side (cable side). Looking to wire up a bluetooth module

I got some, but they are 6 or 7 pin anyways they fit vescs

Got mine from the local electronics store. Maybe you have one around your corner too? Where you located? If it’s not so far away from Russia I can sent you some :sweat_smile:

The Flipsky 6.6 uses an 8-pin, because it has both a 5v and 3.3v supply.

USA, so not really worth sending from Russia haha


What I use. Just make sure you select the option with the 8pin.

Crimping tool.


Not bad to have in the ol toolbox

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@FourteeOZ would you be willing to sell me 1x of the 8pin (assuming you also own the 8pin kit, and are based in North America despite what your username implies lol)?

I’m hesistant to spend $13 to buy a 730 piece kit of which I’m going to use 1 piece, and likely never touch it again given how relatively uncommon JST PH is, let alone 8+ pin iterations of it

If i had the 8pin id send you some for free, i bought the 5,6,7 pin kit. You shouldnt have a problem plugging in a 6 pin to the 8 pin spot on the flipsky vesc, assuming its wired correctly still.

Or here is an easier option


It ended up using the 6-pin CAN connector that comes with the FSESC. Its not being retained on both sides, but it seems secure enough. Thanks guys!