Looking for 2 6374 sensored motors under 200kV

Hey guys im local to San Francisco, Oakland area, looking for two motors for a 12s build. Let me know if you selling or even better giving away! :laughing::pray::unicorn::sunglasses::+1:

I have one 6374 turningy 192kv nonsensored motor, itโ€™s in pretty rough shape as itโ€™s traveled from @GrecoMan to @Boardnamics to me, in San Diego by the way. Iโ€™d let it go for cheap

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Lol how rough a shape? :sweat_smile:

It works perfectly, chrome paint is almost all gone, I put masking tape on it so it could look better lol, also if you want it, I recommend resoldering everything

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Ive never dome my own build but for some reason im really leaning teards having sensores motors

These are the only pictures I have of itimage image


Yeah, sensors is the way to go, but Iโ€™m letting it go for dirt cheap

How much you want for it?

At least youโ€™ll have a backup?

How does 40$ Sound

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Ehh, i mean its a good deal, but ide rather invest that twards two new motors. Thanks tho!

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Or two sensored motors

Unsensored works fine, as long as youโ€™re going at least 1mph. You canโ€™t start from a stop unless you kick-push.

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Thanks bro, probably going to keep looking for sensored

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I have a couple of used 6374 sealed maytech 190kv that Iโ€™m considering getting rid of. Let me know if youโ€™re still looking

Located in San Jose btw

Hey! Alright! I work in palo alto, they in decent shape?

How much you want for em?

Yeah. They have dings from flying rocks overall They work great. In fact Iโ€™m only selling cuz I need funds for a new build lol

How much you thinking for the motors?