Looking for 2 x AS5047


The AS5047P-TS_EK_AB board is out of stock on every webshop I looked on.

Does someone have 2 spare units to sell ?

Thanks a lot in advance.



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What dis???

Encoder. Like your hall sensor, just next level

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Google…second listing…41 available :wink:


Above my pay grade that. witchcraft. @boubak where are you based might be able to point you in the right direction.

WTF XD?!? I’m pretty sure I checked on mouser two days ago and there weren’t any ready to dispatch.

So nevermind I will take them on mouser :slight_smile:

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Sorry I didn’t understand everything, but I’m from France :slight_smile:

@Kug3lis can you help this person? some sort of electronic wizardry.

Ahm, help him with what?

Thought you’d know. Don’t ask me its some sort of electronic component apparently. don’t worry he’s sorted now from mouser.

It’s rotary encoder :slight_smile: For tracking motor shaft position at all times

well that was what i wanted you to help him with then. Thats a bloody waste of time anyway. You know where it is its in the middle of your motor for christ sake. Come on.


You didn’t know… come on man… you need to read more here :joy::joy::joy: Just joking…

:laughing: I only read at the level I need. If its too much work I’m gone.

…i thought you wanted to become „adviser of the year“???.. with this attitude it’s not gona happen :point_up::sweat_smile: Or you just advicer in financials? :thinking:

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my financial prowess has been proven today, but my awareness of where the shaft is is sadly lacking so maybe I should forget my dreams…

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In lame words… is just a piece for external HAL sensors.


"AMS AS5047D Magnetic Position Adapter Board

ams AS5047D magnetic position adapter board enables quick and easy evaluation of the principle function of the AS5047D magnetic position sensor within the user’s own system design. Developed using a small factor board, AS5047D includes the the position sensor with its required external components. All relevant signals are available on a 2.54mm header footprint and can be easily wired to the user’s application."

You can get it here, boy…:point_down: