Looking for 20T HTD5 12/15mm pulleys

Somebody has or know where I can get them? torqueboards has them for $8 but $40 shipping for canada!!!

bought mine on eskating.eu.

Maybe @fottaz can help you.


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Fairly certain they are unavailable to order from torque boards.

But you can add them on cart and proceed to checkout

I have 2 brand new ones from TB, if they are out, but I can’t imagine shipping from me would be any better.

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i think you can shipped first class international untracked for about $10. don’t quote me on that tho

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You can have mine for $10 each plus hipping if you want.

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Sounds good… let me know about shipping

They are discontinued but apparently still available $26 shipped to us for both.

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is that shipped to canada? if so @Torcn thats a better deal.

No that’s USPS priority to USA. Not sure how$40 happens. That’s absurd. I’d call them and try that route if it stays $40 to ship


For me appears international priority $40

@mmaner yes i’m in Canada toronto… I would take your pulleys if shipping better then $40

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I’d call. That’s expensive. Also what type of build and gear ratio is this going on? 20T is pretty tall gearing.

I bought This one and it took 2 weeks to :uk:. It’s heavy and sturdy, well built

I have a bunch of the 16t version of that pulley, never had an issue with them.

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I’m with 6s setup running mostly on flats, want to test it out if I get little more top speed compared to 15T

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What’s your wheel size and wheel pulley teeth? And motor.

Just don’t think you will get anywhere remotely close to the theoretical top speed going from 15t to 20t on a 6s…

Going from 15 to 18 teeth is a pretty big jump and is going to give you better results than 20t, but idk really without all the info.

My wheels are 97mm motors 36t wheel pulley 200kv. I’m not expecting crazy results on switching Pulleys

I can’t say about 6s, but when :ghost: I “upgraded” to a 20/36T setup on my 90mm 12s 190kv 6374 and although it was way faster, current control just didn’t feel right. Acceleration was noticeably low and speed is really fluctuant. You only go way faster if you are light. Switched back to 16T after two weeks. Hill climbing is also out the window FYI. :mountain: Better upgrading to a 12s setup. :man:t2: