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Looking for 36v battery setup in europe

i’d like to buy a 18650 36v pack in europe to be shipped in berlin.

any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Let me know if you havent found anything by Sept. I should have my spot welders up by then.

Where are you located monkey32? I might be interested as well in the future.

P.s.: probably somebody has posted this already, but all you need is a transfo from an old or broken microwave and some creativity…

Have look at @elkick s store There is at least one battery on stock :slight_smile:

I can build you a custom pack, or check out my tutorial on building your own if you want to go DIY but as your asking to buy one I guess you don’t want that haha! How To Build Your Own Spot Welder From A Microwave!

This is a 10s2p pack I’ve just built for a friend,

beutiful build! @Jack

it ispired me to try and build my own pack of 10s3p
i already have an amature soldering station plus ive got an old microwave lying around that i can try making a spot welder out of.

could you explain me how i should be welding the 30 batteris to make a 10s3p in one flat formation? not sure what formation would be better 10/15 in 2/3 raws or two 15 on top of eachother

I bought lipo batteries and modified them. from this: ->

I came to this: —>

Additionally on every side is a carbon fibre plate for protection…

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Batteries cost me 52Euros each, carbon plate around 15 for two packs and the shrinking tube was around 8 euros but I have 1,5meters left!

All I had to do was to separate 2 cells, flip them to the side and connect the cells again.
Then cut the carbon plate, glue the plates on the surfaces. Shrinking tube around… thats it!

I have 8s with 20.000mAh now… Cheaper and easier is not possible I think.

You need a soldering iron, a cable, I used 8AWG and a heatgun.

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where did you get a 4S 20000mAh battery for 52€?
Got it - I think you have these ones correct?
They are 4S 10Ah - so you either get 8S 10Ah or 4S 20Ah depending on the connection. NOT 8S 20Ah.

@ferrice thats super interesting, can you explain further (maybe share more photos) the process?

Yes you are right :slight_smile: I noticed it after posting :slight_smile: sorry for that… yes these are the batteries

Hey… Since I’ve got two of these Batteries in spare I can modify them and post pics by this weekend. Before I ordered them on ebay, but the seller said they are out of stock and he will refund my money, then I ordered them via hobbyking. And finally I got 4 of them :slight_smile: @Maxid or Others: I would sell them modified if you want, I only charge the material costs and the costs I had for shipping etc… Could send them to Berlin from Germany (Freilassing) on the 4th of july, from Austria next week but there are more shipping costs. @listgaus I’ll post a tutorial on this weekend and send you the link afterwards…

@ferrice thank you very much that would really help! can’t wait for the tutorial!!

Is carbon fibre conductive?

Yes it is. :fireworks:

Well let’s hope that no two solder joints touch the carbon…

Or your going to use, some kapton tape?:wink:

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Pure carbon is, but the resin it is molded in is not.
so it should be no problem

Oh, thanks for telling me. Seriously, I learn something new everyday on this forum. It is so good.

Then let me tell you that carbon is good thermal conductor too! One big sheet of heatsink.^^